Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I saw this book at Urban Outfitters and because I have common sense, I took a picture of it and bought it cheaper from Amazon :) Considered a "must have," Do Less serves as a guide to minimalism (if only it were that simple).

This book outlines minimalist strategies for home, work, finances and life in general. However, it's soooooo boring.  I approached this book like any other, reading from beginning to end.  If I would've thumbed through the book prior to reading, I would've realized that I should just read applicable sections.  For example, if your finances are in shape but your closet is a mess, skip to "Clothing Storage."  If you don’t have any kids you'll skip that section but find the section on meal prep more helpful.  See what I am getting at?  Page 22 actually provides directions on how to use this book but...yeah, I didn't pay attention -_- 

I do credit Do Less for helping me clean out my storage areas (closets and draws).  It will allow me the opportunity to throw other junk in.  Give me 3 months or so.  Any who... ... ...  I will keep this book in a visible location because it’s helpful. It's kind of like your mom telling you what to do but in print...  

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