Thursday, July 30, 2015


Photo source: Ulta
No one told me!  You come here, read my posts and maybe chuckle.  This relationship isn’t balanced at all.  All you do is take, take and take!  Basically, I just found about Benefit’s colored mascara and liner...  I just happened to stroll into Ulta and was hit with a display of They’re Real Lengthening Mascara now offered in brown and blue but the kicker is their Push-up Liner in colors brown, blue, green and purple.

The mascara was cool to see but I wasn’t impressed, where are the other colors?  Secondly, I could’ve sworn I was wearing colored mascara like five years ago so why are they so late?  Is it back in or something?  I rarely wear mascara these days so I bypassed this product but did purchase the liner in “Beyond Blue.”  I absolutely love blue liner but have never really done it as a cat eye.  The texture of Push-Up Liner makes it easier to achieve (once you get the hang of it).  Interestingly, the liner wasn’t as bright as I thought it would be.  Unless I’m directly in some sort of light, you’ll think it’s a black liner.  This probably has some to do with my dark skin tone.  However, it makes me feel like I’m able to add a little sass to my makeup without being deemed “unprofessional.” 

Both are super cool for women who are really into makeup and will get their money’s worth since it retails for 24 bucks -_-  Because me and Ulta are cool like that, I was able to get 10% off *insert slow clap here*  It’s not much but more than Sephora offers #shade

Shout out to my husband for allowing me to buy makeup on his birthday…again.  You are the real MVP!

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