Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Similar to music reviews, I don’t know what I’m doing but here goes.  Interestingly, Lila & Eve is also available “on demand” so I watched it at my apartment opposed to paying $100 at the movie theater (over exaggeration but not really).  Staring Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez, Lila’s (Viola Davis) son is murdered resulting in her joining a support group of mothers who’ve lost their children to violence.  As a result of meeting Eve (Jennifer Lopez), they concoct a plan to seek revenge on Stephon’s (Lila’s son) murderers.

I’m glad I watched this from home…  It wasn’t bad, just kind of blah.  Even with the plot twist, I wasn’t really blown away.  I watch so many movies and shows that I am rarely impressed.  Speaking of being unimpressed, my husband made me see Ant Man last night (it was his birthday).  Just the name made me want to skip this but we got raving reviews from some folks we know.  At some point during the movie I turned to my husband and said “I don’t think they go the movies often, this is kind of boring.” Lol.

Obviously, I’m not a stand for the Avengers/Marvels and their associated movies or comic books.  However, most of them are really good and full of suspense.  When I found out that Paul Rudd was in the lead, I knew I wouldn’t be interested in seeing it. No shade but I feel like his characters are all the same and catered to the middle-aged, homebody, “I make candles and soaps from home” crowd.  T.I. is also cast in this film -_-  I’m from the south and have a slight accent but have worked to be more articulate and most social settings.  I need him to do the same.  Every movie he’s in gives me the “ATL” vibe but I digress.  From the movie trailers, you can see Ant Man has the ability to turn into an ant and fight the assigned villain.  The plot was a little different than I expected and I occasionally chuckled but for the most part, I could’ve waited until this was on Netflix.

Shout out to Anthony Mackie’s 3.2 minute cameo. I bet he shot his scenes in one hour. 

I give both films 3 bougie stars.  After all, it doesn’t really matter what I say because they’ve already got my money J

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