Thursday, June 11, 2015


I know I gave you guys a little chuckle with Introvert's Guide to Social Affairs so I'm back with tips for my introverts in their respective workplaces.  Workplaces can be the introvert's Achilles' heel because we show up day after day knowing we'll have to engage in small talk, team building, and other unnecessary communication that slows us down opposed to allowing us to complete our assigned tasks *blank stare* Any who, let's get this party started!
  1.  Walk lightly (may require comfortable shoes).  You can avoid a lot of situations if they don't hear you coming *tip toes to the bathroom*
  2. Be swift (may require before or after work cardio workouts).  If you're trying to hide behind those file cabinets, cubicle walls, hoping on or off the elevator, or taking the steps, you'll have to be quick on your toes!
  3. Earbuds.  Earbuds is the best creation since God created heaven and earth.  Can I get an amen?  No?  Moving on... People are less likely to engage if they think they're bothering you. Confession time: Sometimes there isn't anything playing when I have my buds in :) 
  4. Learn to power walk.  I'm like a ninja in the hallways!  The flash of pink passing the hallways is me but no one knows.  Most importantly, they aren't quick enough to stop me for water cooler gossip.
  5. Take your lunch and power breaks at unconventional times.  I go to lunch late in the AM. Once I return, everyone else is leaving for their lunch breaks.  The results?  I have the office all to myself.  And, yesterday I found the time and place the geeks take their power breaks. Because it's later in the shift, we had time to read our books uninterrupted.  
But honestly, I may be shedding some of my introverted ways.  I recently joined Toastmasters to fake being a better speaker while gaining a few leadership skills (according to the brochure).  I think my Toastmasters experience will make for another good blog post...

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