Monday, June 8, 2015


Blogging about a book that I've actually finished reading, this feels good.  Any who, I ran across this book while at Urban Outfitters (one of my favorite stores) and thought it looked pretty intriguing for three reasons: (1) I'm a policy student and there's quite a bit of conversation about models; (2) I'm all about improving strategic thinking; and (3) It's a chic looking book...   

WARNING: This post may cause you to fall asleep...

The Decision Book presents fifty models for better structuring, and subsequently understanding, life’s steady challenges.  Interactive and thought-provoking, this illustrated workbook offers succinct summaries of popular strategies, including the Rubber Band Model for dilemmas with many directions, the Personal Performance Model to test whether to change jobs, and the Black Swan Model to illustrate why experience doesn’t guarantee wisdom. Packed with familiar tools like the Pareto Principle, the Prisoner’s Dilemma, and an unusual exercise inspired by Warren Buffet, The Decision Book is the ideal reference for flexible thinkers. 58 illustrations.

This book  provides a great overview of popular models, is a super quick and easy read, categorizes models into three sections (How to Improve Yourself, How to Understand Yourself Better and How to Understand Others Better), and is filled with quotes, activities and illustrations (for all you adults who like pictures opposed to words). 

Although it retails for $17.95, I'm sure I can find you more competitive prices on Amazon.  You're welcome. 

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