Monday, June 29, 2015


While on one of my many trips to Sally’s, I walked in for my usual dye products (dye, developer and conditioner).  This literally takes 3 minutes.  While I was being checked out, the cashier/consultant said “wait, you forgot something!”  On this particular day I was tired, annoyed (as usual), and was not in the mood to buy anything other than what I went there for.  She proceeded to explain that I needed Ion Color Brilliance Pre-Color Treatment Packette.  Truthfully, I wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying.  Remember, I’m tired, annoyed and not in the mood but I told her to ring it up.  Because my Sisterlocks aren’t fully loc’d, I am NOT supposed to be using dyes, conditioners or any other products.  This can cause slippage, resulting in my locs unraveling so you can kind of see why I did not want to add an additional product to the list of products I’m not supposed to be using. 

“Ion Color Brilliance Pre-Color Treatment is a state of the art formula that helps to even the porosity of the hair prior to tinting, lightening, permanent waving or relaxing. Alpha hydroxy acids and citrus extracts help to ensure even color results from scalp to ends.  Helps even porosity of hair prior to color or chemical service, contains alpha hydroxy acid and citrus extract, helps produce even results, and no harsh odor.”

Obviously I used it…why else would this post exist?  And, I’m glad I purchased it (don’t tell the Sally’s woman).  This time, I can actually see the color and no grays have come out to play like they usually do after a week or two. The pack only retails for $2.99 ($1.99 for Beauty Club Members) and its only step requires you to apply before dye application. That’s it!  You guys can be so lazy sometimes…  Side note: I’ve never used a pre-color treatment in my life!  And, I don’t remember any salon doing a pre-color treatment.  Is this new or have the salons been getting over on us? 

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