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Season 3 of Orange Is the New Black was scheduled to drop last Friday but was available the day before.  Naturally, I started watching it Thursday and binge watched throughout the weekend.  I finished last night.  Compared to previous seasons, this season was mild but it kept my attention.  I appreciate the continued diversity of the cast, women in leading roles, and the range of issues covered.  There were a few more backstories revealed (e.g. Big Boo, Chang, Norma, Alex and Caputo) and the underlying tone of this season seemed to be self-realization.

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I was thankful that they gave us less Piper.  Even in prison, she still is afforded a certain level of privilege.  I think the writers should consider shanking her and Alex of the show. Sorry, not sorry. Secondly, it was cool to see Crazy Eyes become a literary scholar.  The creative outlet really helped her and entertained the women.  The big/little sister relationship developing between Pennsatucky and Big Boo was awesome.  Pennsatucky has come a long way.  An a** whipping tends to help with character development. 

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The Blacks, Latinas and Meth heads really stole the season.  Specifically, Poussey acting like a little beyotch, Taystee as the “mother” and Black's conversion to Judaism.  Enjoy your kosher meals, you’ve earned them!  Speaking of kosher, the prison experienced a lot of challenges as a result of its privatization.  The food sucked (not at the fault of Red), wages and benefits were cut and it appears they are about to double the inmate population.

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This season introduced two new characters: Lolly and Stella Carlin.  I’m still kind of confused by Lolly's existence (I do think her frames are chic) but a lot of us are welcoming Stella Carlin with open arms.  I mean, look at her!  There were many other developments that I didn’t care for such as Piper becoming a “dirty panty mogul,” John Bennett hoping a way from his responsibilities (I’m not sure if his leg is steady enough to run), the budding romance between Red and Healy, Sophia’s and Gloria’s brats, Dayanara's family issues, Brook’s depression, and Lorna’s engagement.  Shout out to Sophia who is roughing it this season.  I hope she continues as a character but I don’t see those relationships being repaired anytime soon.  Then again, I’m a grudge holder…

Let’s focus our attention back on the meth heads (Angie and Leanne) and associating parties.  These fools developed a new religion (aka cult) with Norma Romano is their leader.  Norma went from being a kitchen assistant, to voodoo priestess, to a religious figure.  The print of Norma Christ in the toast was one of the funniest scenes of the season.  These girls continue to be uber gullible and should use their time more wisely.  Another example of why they need to get books back into their library. 
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In the name of Toast Norma, that's a wrap!  So is Netflix going to "leak" season 4 or nah? Side note: It would be nice if they could give us a recap of the inmates offenses.  I tend to forget.

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