Thursday, June 4, 2015


Another biblical reference I may get in trouble for… Sorry Mom.  Any who, my week has sucked which is why I’ve been MIA.  The stress that comes with a sucky week has resulted in HIVES!  At first, I thought it was my eczema making a cameo, but nope…they are hives.  To alleviate this issue, I have the typical cream and Benadryl but I remember my mom bathing me in oatmeal whenever I had skin situations so I decided to go old school and pick up a box. 

Oatmeal baths are helpful for those of us who suffer from sunburn, hives, chicken pox, itchy skin, irritated skin due to poison ivy, oak or sumac, eczema, rashes are insect bites.  The use of natural colloidal oatmeal provides relief and cleanses, moisturizes, softens and protects skin.

I bought store-brand oatmeal bath from Kroger for 4 bucks and some change.  The box contained 8 packs (I used 2 last night).  Add oatmeal while bath water is running and soak. Warning: your bathtub may become slippery! The most popular brand is Aveeno (which was 2 bucks more) but you can find different brands of oatmeal bath almost anywhere or DIY.  However, I prefer the store brands because they sort of dissolve on their own versus having to scoop oatmeal out of the tub when you’re done.  Trust me, ain’t nobody got time for that!  Further, I did experience major relief!  About 98% of my hives are gone but I will probably give the oatmeal bath another go tonight.

And mom, yes I do have to blog about everything I experience.  That’s what makes people like me J

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