Friday, June 26, 2015


Photo Source: GiGi
So, I blogged about GiGi's wax products not long ago (Read: DIY Face Waxing + Torture) and was really satisfied with the particular microwaveable wax. Some how, I ended up spilling it and was in need of another. While at Sally's, I didn't notice the one I used last time so I thought I'd try out Pore Refining Facial Microwavable Wax.  

"GiGi's Pore Refining Facial Microwave Wax is a gentle 3-in-1 microwaveable facial hard wax that removes all unwanted hair, exfoliates the skin and unclogs pores.  This multifunctional, non-strip facial wax contains special bonding agents to adhere to dirt and impurities, gently unclogging pores.  Also contains Zinc Oxide to help cushion and protect delicate facial skin. For all skin and hair types."  Source: GiGi

I wish I would've known that this didn't require strips (reading is fundamental).  Any who, I was very surprised that...I DID NOT LIKE THIS PRODUCT!  I applied the wax to the same section twice, that's it (I didn't want my skin to peel).  I guess my stubborn hairs were not ready to vacate my face.  As a result, I gave it a handful of days then waxed again.  Side note: this crap was tough to get off my beautiful nails, the nerve!  Lastly, I really didn't pay attention to the pore refining claims.  I just couldn't understand that I spent 20 mins and sacrificed my nails for little to no results.

I would def recommend GiGi's products but not this one.  Unfortunately for me, I have to get my money's worth so I will keep using it and be pissy about it.  You never know, I may get the hang of it and it may become an effective product...

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