Thursday, June 25, 2015


Photo source: IMBD
Oh! What a sheltered web we weaved.  Most recently, the husband and I have been seeing movies without doing much research or checking reviews.  We like to live our lives on the edge *insert bad ass song here*  All I knew about Dope is that (1) it was coming of age film; (2) featured young rap artists, and (3) Pharrell and Puffy/Diddy/Sean Combs/Puff Daddy/Diddy-Dirty Money were producers. 

It turns out that Dope is an award-winning film about teens from Inglewood (aka The Bottoms) trying to navigate through their own respective lives.  Some most are involved in drug and gang-related activities and the three main characters find themselves in the middle of all this nonsense because a cute girl invited one of them to a party -_-

It’s explicit, includes recreational drug use, nudity and violence but it’s also eye opening.  It could very well be the reality of a lot of teens.  Most importantly, it shows why it pays off to be the nerd.  Nerds survive and ultimately get out of the hood.  Side note: I’m still a little perturbed by the parents who thought it was okay to bring their young kids.  To be quite honest, it may be too much for teens.  I clutched my pearls several times and was shifting uncomfortably in my seat.  My husband gave me a few “you shouldn’t have picked this movie” looks.  However, I don’t regret it but recommend it and totally see it becoming a classic.  I think the acting is also noteworthy.  A lot of the film actors are not experienced and I didn’t even know who the three leads were until the movie; however, they were really compelling.  I hope I see them in more films.

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