Monday, June 15, 2015


I was out of my usual primer (M-A-C's Prep + Prime) and because I needed another top coat I thought I would visit my frenemy, Sephora.  I already had a primer in mind but I was pointed in another direction.

Introducing BECCA! Who?  Yeah, that was my respond when it was suggested.  The Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfection "goes beyond extending makeup wear to address the root cause of why your makeup moves. This formula specifically targets oil- prone areas and acts as liquid blotting paper to leave your skin fresh and matte all day.  Use alone, before, or after foundation to control excess oil, while minimizing the appearance of pores. Feel free to use throughout the day to touch up areas of concern.  The product eliminates excess oil for long-lasting matte skin.  The formula is sweat- and humidity-resistant and free of silicone, oil, alcohol, and fragrance." Source: Sephora

So...I kind of hate purchasing products I haven't researched in advance.  She offered to give me a sample but I thought I would take the chance and purchase it. After all, I can return it if it sucks.  Once purchased, I read a host of online reviews.  It seemed to be a savior for all the oily girls but there were a few complaints.  Based on those reviews, I figured I needed to apply more than the suggested "pea size."

Saturday was the first time I used it.  I used before makeup application (which was applied around noon).  My makeup survived a 3 hour car ride and nap, numerous kisses from family members at my grandmother's birthday party, and 5 minutes of jumping in a bouncy house in humid New Orleans. When back at my apartment by 10 at night, my makeup was still in place.  I've tried this product 2 more times since then and am pretty satisfied.  The Sephora Consultant suggested that I use the product without Milk of Magnesia and I can see why.  This primer is one of those all in one situations that works well.

This is available at multiple retailers for 36 bucks but you'll save a few more bucks at Amazon.

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