Friday, May 29, 2015


Photo Source: Fatty Food 
By greasy, I mean oily. To combat oily skin, I use a host of products. Then, there are those products that are more effective in the winter and some that are more effective in the summer. Look at me, learning my skin type.  As a result, my friend and makeup artist Ashley (read: Fick Your Face) told me to try Milk of Magnesia.  Yes, the Milk of Magnesia that's used to treat constipation.  Any who, Milk of Magnesia is what she used as a primer and to control my oily skin for my shotgun wedding.  And guess what, my makeup lasted through my courthouse nuptials, photo shoot, 5.30 hour road trip to Chattanooga, TN, and senior citizen cruise.

Most recently, I've started using it regularly (because I'm super oily in the summer).  I'm thinking it's pretty effective because I participated in a "Bike to Lunch" event yesterday and experienced some heavy sweating.  Once I was able to cool off, my skin dried up and makeup looked as if I was never outside.

Milk of Magnesia is also known to treat skin rashes, remove blackheads and blemishes, and clean and tone skin.  In contrast, it should not be applied to people with dry skin and can cause dryness and irritation when used too often.  When applying as a primer and oil controller, ensure bottle is shaken. Apply just a little with your makeup brush.  Allow to dry then apply makeup.  You're welcome.

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