Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Infinite Shine in Girl Without Limits
I open a magazine, I see an ad for Infinite Shine.  I walk into Ulta, there's a display for Infinite Shine. I get out of the shower and who's handing me a towel? Infinite Shine...  So, you know what that means? I need to blog about Infinite Shine!

Infinite Shine is a gel-effects lacquer system described as a gel/lacquer hybrid that includes a three step process: (1) Prime Base Coat, (2) Lacquer, and (3) Gloss Top Coat resulting in a long lasting and high gloss manicure (approximately 7-10 days). 

Bonus: The removal is soak free.  Let's take a moment to digest this...  ...  ...  That means no additional trips to the salon to pay for a soak off, no damaging your nail bed by peeling off your gel manicure, or your husband starring at you crazy because you have cotton balls soaked in acetone on your nails wrapped with giant pieces of foil (I was not paying to get that gel manicure removed).  

I'm kind of excited about this... I change my nail polish weekly and there are some tough weeks where I would like my nail polish to last a little longer but then there are those weeks when I want to change it every 2 days.  Le sigh.  Any who, Infinite Shine comes in 30 shades. The Prime Base Coat, Lacquer and Gloss Top Coat all retail for $12.50 each or, you can purchase the Infinite Shine Duo Pack (base and top coats) for $19.95.  For more, visit Ulta

Side note: I spotted a few shades at Amazon.  You're welcome.

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