Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I used this past 3-day weekend to do all kind of constructive stuff like…watch TV shows and movies.  One in particular is the critically acclaimed “Girlhood” (which is now on Netflix). The film premiered at a host of film festivals; eventually, making it to the French box office.

Girlhood is described as a “coming of age film” about Marieme (aka Vic), a French teen from the projects.  SPOILER ALERTS: She has three siblings: an abusive older brother and two younger sisters she is the caregiver for.  Her mom works a lot so she is completely oblivious about what’s going on with her daughter.  I don’t recall any mention of a father; I was a bit preoccupied when the film first started.  By preoccupied, I mean I was on Facebook.  Moving on, Marieme eventually links up with three other teens turning her from shy to a teen nuisance. Drugs, sex, stealing, fighting, etc.  Naturally, she fails out of high school and later concludes she has no future.  As a result, she relocates and becomes a pusher at swanky parties.  During this time, we find out she’s a lesbian. Any who, she later travels back home (to the projects) and proceeds to have a break down.  FIN.

Because it is a French film, you will be reading subtitles the entire film but you’ll get used to it. While watching the film there were several times when I said “well that escalated quickly.”  I wish there wasn't such a turn for the worst.  And, I hope this isn't a reality for most black teens…  Overall, it is a good film and a first according to the director.  Apparently, there aren't many black actresses in France… How shocking!  Watch the trailer, here.

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