Friday, May 22, 2015


Photo Source: WE tv
For the sake of my sanity I haven’t accepted any new shows to my roster. No new friends.  But, while watching Braxton Family Values last night, I saw a commercial for a new show: Cutting It: In the ATL.  The previews showed hair, entrepreneurship, and cattiness (my favorite).  Then I thought to myself, “crap! I have to watch this show.”  To be quite honest, it looked more entertaining than the Braxton Family Values *shhhhhh*

Filmed in the self-proclaimed hair capital (Atlanta), Cutting It: In the ATL features four salon owners in an imaginary competition to dominate the Atlanta hair game.  First up is Maja.  She owns a chain of quick weave services making faux hair accessible to everyone.  Mushiya is my favorite.  Mushiya is a natural hair stylist waiting in the cut for all the women transitioning back to natural hair.  Beautii is considered a veteran in the hair scene and appears to be the show's villain. Lastly is Dedra, one of the more polished snobs salon owners…

I’m excited about this and haven’t decided if it’s worth a weekly recap.  I don’t feel like adding any extra duties to my plate, lol.  Any who, Cutting It: In the ATL airs Thursday, 9PM central. 

Side note: this show has the worse name ever. Who OK’d this? Did the marketing exec quit without 2 weeks’ notice or something? 

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