Thursday, April 23, 2015


Spanish Rice, Onions + Shrimp
So, I've been on this faux health thing for a little while...  I am now a regular at Zumba and have been changing my eating habits resulting in the lost of 4 pounds *insert cheers here*

Any who, the husband and I threw some random contents together and thought "how bad can it be?" The answer was, not bad at all. Actually, it was quite tasty!

What you'll need:

- Green onions
- Yellow onion
- Spanish rice
- A bag of shrimp, peeled
- Olive oil

Step 1: Cook the rice first.  It takes alllllll day to cook.  By all day, I mean 25 minutes...
Step 2: Chop half of the yellow onion and 3 green onions.  Not the entire plant, just 3 individual leaves.  They're leaves, right? Whatever, you know what I mean!
Step 3: Heat skillet, add olive oil, toss in shrimp and chopped veggies.  Cook for about 5 minutes.
Step 4: Once rice is cooked, add to the skillet, mix and cook for 3 additional minutes.
Step 5: Eat, duh!

This meal took about 30 minutes to cook, provided 4 servings and cost 15 bucks are so.

You're welcome :)

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