Friday, April 24, 2015


Errrr, so I've had this product written down for weeks and am not sure why I'm just blogging about it -_- Nonetheless, I present to you my new best friends: the Jumbo Lip Pencils by NYX Cosmetics.

The Jumbo Pencils comes in 8 colors, is a creamy and moisturizing formula, lip liner and lip pencil (all-in-one) that retails for 4 bucks and change and is actually "buy one, get one half off" at Ulta, now!

The description doesn't mention it but it's sort of long lasting.  With lunch and drinking tea about 3xs throughout my work day, you would think the color would be gone by the end of the day but not really.  I'm always surprised that I don't have to do a touch up.  Maybe I'm just a dainty eater...

In contrast, there is a slim selection of nude colors (for women of color).  The color I choose made me look like I had been eating powdered donuts so I returned it.  Thanks for allowing me to use it and return it Ulta :)

As stated previously, the Jumbo Lip Pencils retail for 4 bucks and change and can be purchased at Ulta.

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