Friday, April 3, 2015


Makeup has evolved so much.  Coincidently, there are many products and tools we have to use just to look natural or “naturally perfect,” why is that?

Historically, foundation and make-up in general has been associated with terms like pancake face, clown and mask-like.  Ironically the actual purpose of foundation is to even the tone and texture of skin without compromising the distinct features, beauty and personality of the person wearing it.  Healthy skin is the bottom line; however, the quality of our skin is affected by so many factors such as genetics, hormonal fluctuations, stress, diet, weather and skin conditions to name a few.  With that said, cosmetic companies through scientific research and insight of dermatology have ingeniously developed synthetic products that effectively mimic the  natural positive processes of healthy ideal skin which has had the dual effect of innovative marketing while changing the face of what wearing make-up represents to the consumer, who is generally attracted to the more realistic added benefits that a product offers rather than products that offer no therapeutic benefit beyond the make-up application

For the women who are new to makeup, what would you suggest?

I would advise an honest self-inventory of your skin or to schedule a professional cosmetic consultation in order to understand your skin’s texture, tone, type, and the level of make-up coverage that you’ll be comfortable with.  I strongly suggest learning the importance of skincare and then, to invest in the best skincare system for your personal skincare needs. After all, it is the caliber and texture of the canvas that ultimately defines each work of art.
What are some of your favorite makeup brands?
In no specific order or ranking, and each for different reasons I find myself more partial to beauty brands such as Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Benefit, NYX, Kat Von D and Laura Mercier.  This is definitely the short version of a very long love story and in fairness…I love’em all *giggles*
In the short time I've known you; you've helped me and a lot of the women we know mutually.  You even did my makeup for my shotgun wedding, lol.  Even though you don’t believe me, I really loved my makeup.  I’m not a fan of lashes but they were fine.  Do you want to talk about that a little?
I definitely enjoyed your bridal session. I think that bridal make-up is sacred and I’m extremely careful when consulting with brides to listen to each request while observing the bride’s style and personality to ensure that she feels beautiful and confidant on one of the most important days of her life.  There are a few universal rules and tips that I’ll be glad to share regarding bridal prep and make-up application which includes:
  •  Scheduling a consultation and run-through of the makeup preferably 4-6 weeks before the wedding day.
  •  To avoid feeling rushed, allow forty-five minutes to an hour for makeup application on the wedding day.
  • Natural lighting is best for applying makeup.  Be sure that skin is properly hydrated.
  • Emphasize eyes.  Use concealers and/or correctors for puffiness and darkness under the eye area.
  •  Limit the use of shimmer products because it reflects negatively with photography/camera flash.
  • Foundation, highlights and contours should be blended well and set with powder for long-wear.
  • Avoid eyelash extensions, strips, singles etc., unless you feel 100% comfortable wearing them and 200% sure that they will not come off during your big day J
What would be a key tip for transforming from a “boring office job” look to “HAPPY HOUR?”
Changing a classic daytime look into an after five look is very simple….
  1.  Apply a deeper shade of eye shadow to your eyelid or crease area for depth, then add or retouch eyeliner. I suggest black eyeliner for a bolder effect.
  2.  Then, clean around and under the eye area with a make-up wipe or swab dipped in eye-makeup remover to alleviate any eye shadow fallout or mascara/liner smudges.
  3. Touch-up concealer and foundation/powder only where needed.
  4.  Layer blush with a warmer shade or highlight with a bit of shimmer
  5. Finally, apply a highly pigmented lip color, line with a lip pencil to define and layer with gloss.  Skip loss gloss if you prefer a more matte or satin finish
What do you say to the women who are still lining their lips with black liner, shaping their brows like McDonald’s arches, and applying spider lashes? 
As a makeup artist when servicing clients with outdated or unflattering make-up regimens, I find that because of this new age of make-up with so many options of make-up formulas and techniques, some women are simply overwhelmed by it all and just stick to whatever they wore in high school or college.  Others are just caught in the rut of taking care of others and never taking the time to pamper or enhance their look. I remedy this by turning each make-up consultation or session into a course in beauty. Sharing tips and suggestions and the lesson accompanied by the actual visual of seeing themselves after the session is usually enough to convert the client to a more conventional flattering cosmetic regimen all together.

That’s such a nice response to my shady question, lol.  OK, how can readers get in touch with you?  What’s the process of booking your services?

I can be reached via email for booking inquiries and on Instagram.  Lastly, I sincerely thank you for the opportunity and pleasure of servicing you and I am indeed honored by the positive recognition and interview spotlight on your blog. 
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