Monday, April 13, 2015


According to my mother, I'm a hairball.  So, she suggested I get my face waxed for my wedding day. Besides my eyebrows, I don't get my face waxed.  I have enough things to maintain...  But, because she was paying, I figured why not?

If you've been waxed before you know, that crap stings!  It's like carpet burn, but on your face... Any who, instead of spending money to not look like a hairball, I decided to try it on my own.  Below, are the steps.

Step 1: Buy waxing stuff.  The brand of products I used was GiGi: Creme Wax, Applicator, and Strips.  There are some pre and post creams and oils you can purchase but because I already had jojoba oil, I figured I was good.  

Step 2: Look at yourself in the mirror and apologize for the pain you're about to inflict  *whispers I'm sorry*

Disclaimer: Please follow the directions when warming and applying wax.  However, I did not. Lol.  I just warmed it for a minute and figured, how bad could it be?  I was lucky I didn't burn my face off but be smarter than me and read!

Step 3: Apply wax with applicator, place cloth over wax and SNATCH! Ignore the birds and or stars flying around your head, they'll disappear shortly.

Step 4: Apply again to snatch those stubborn hairs you didn't get the first time.  

Step 5: Apply oil to get access wax off, find a corner in your home, and cry. 

There it is, how to successfully wax your face while simultaneously torturing yourself from home. You're welcome :)

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