Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Source: Tumblr
So, every morning I try to get my pea brain in shape by brain training. I have been using Lumosity for months and recently started using Peak.

Lumosity is a web-based application that uses games to improve memory, brain health and cognitive abilities with over 70 million users.  Lumosity serves as a personal trainer, has 40+ scientific games, allows training on multiple devices (web, iOS and Android), provides training reminders, and shows you how you compare against members of different ages.  Way to judge Lumosity.

Any who, I use the free version which includes 3 games a day. I was pretty satisfied with Lumoisty until I found out about Peak.  Peak is brain training redesigned for the mobile you. It allows you to improve your cognitive skills and build healthy training habits with fun but challenging games, goals and workouts. If you subscribe to their pro version, you'll train "up to 40% faster." I'm quite content with my FREE, 40% slower training.  Oh, and Peak also shows you where you compare to others your age.

While I use both, if I was pressed for space on my phone, I would delete Lumosity.  I like Peak's games more.  They don't give me snorefest options even though I'm a free subscriber.  Take notes Lumosity...

For more, visit Lumosity and Peak!
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