Thursday, March 26, 2015


Photo Source: E 
So...I bet you've seen the commercial for The Royals but like me your like, "I can do without another show on my roster."  Plus, most of us watch too much TV...  But, for some reason I was bored a few days ago and started watching and... let me just rewind a little and tell you what the show is about:

"The Royals is a juicy, hour-long drama from One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn that follows a fictional British royal family in modern London.  It's edgy, sexy, extreme and decadent-with cat fights and scandals galore." Source: E

Besides wanting to minimize TV watching, it airing on E made me give the side eye.  Sorry, but it's not my go to network, lol.  But I do love a British series... Skins anyone? Orphan Black?  Any who, after the first episode of Royals, I was hooked.  Princess Eleanor is an absolute mess but she's actually my favorite character.  I'm not going to gossip too much because I want you to give it a try.

Sunday is a big night for television so it's highly likely that this will be something I catch "on demand." #sorrynotsorry  But for those of you who can, The Royals air Sundays 10|9c.  For more, visit E.

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