Monday, March 16, 2015


Photo Source: Tumblr
So, my university offers free gym classes.  On another note, I'm sure the gym membership is wedged somewhere in our tuition...  Any who, I received the gym schedule a while back and since I'm done with comps and traveling, I thought...why not?

Upon arrival, I saw a few pervs lurking in the doorway which made me super uncomfortable... Seriously, don't do that guys!  There was the Zumba Instructor (a Raven Symone look alike) and ONE student! Maybe everyone is still on spring break *shoulder shrug* So, I got in formation and as time went by, more students trickled in.

My classmates included an old couple and I just knew the wife drug him there.  Maybe he needs to shed a few pounds or take care of his health but him dropping it low is not the way.  She should have let him get on a treadmill or stepper instead of making him clap his cheeks like the rest of us. A few minutes after, a few undergraduates trotted in so with my competitiveness and past experience as a dancer forced me to "turn up." I was captain of my High school dance team my senior year... And don't forget, this is my first zumba class but I'm in an imaginary competition with everyone.

Zumba included a combination of aerobics and dancing.  There was a lot of popping that thing, shimmying and salsa.  Half way through, I tried unsuccessfully to locate the clock to figure out how much more of it I had to go through but I powered on since I liked most of the music.

After the 45 min class, I felt energized, fulfilled my 37 active minutes goal and over 5,7000+ steps on Fitbit.  I'm looking forward to the next class.

Side note: The Zumba instructor DID NOT commend me on my Zumba skills.  Is she intimidated? Lol. 
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