Monday, March 30, 2015


Train to Hell!
First and foremost, I got married this past Friday! *insert applause here*  Immediately following, we took wedding photos then headed to Chattanooga, TN for a mini honeymoon.  Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys that we nixed the wedding because it was a super annoying process because it considers everyone but THE BRIDE AND GROOM. Secondly, it was too costly.  I had a hard time comprehending that I needed to spend all of my money and all of my time planning something I didn't want to have.  In the end I got what I wanted, my husband.  But, I digress. Back to Chattanooga.

Similar to the wedding planning situation, I didn't feel like planning a mini honeymoon.  I have Hawaii in mind for the real one so I let my husband do the planning and once we arrived, I kind of regretted letting him plan it.  Why?  I'm not really an outdoors person... Scared of heights, scared of tight places and I can't swim.  I'm just a mess but I put on my big girl panties and pushed through it.

On Day 1, we had about 40 mins to drop our bags off and head to the dock for a dinner cruise.  I booked the first cruise that popped up and should have done more research.  The two hour dinner cruise traveled up and down the Tennessee River and was mostly geriatric.  But guess what, old people can be quite entertaining.  They stayed on the dance floor the entire time and even brought down the house boat with karaoke.  We were even forced to get up and dance.  So, I had my first dance on a geriatric cruise.  Are you jealous?

Ruby Falls
On Day 2, we took an incline train up Lookout Mountain.  All I have to say is WTF.  At first, the train ride is gradual then it goes straight up in the air.  The train is specifically designed for this and is pulled by ropes.  Once at the top, I spent more time on the wall and at the gift shop then the observation deck.  The ride down was worse, lol. After, we grabbed food, shopped at the local flea market, visited the aquarium, then went to Ruby Falls.  From the brochure, I thought we would just drive up to the cave.  In reality, we had to drive up the mountain then take an elevator 260 feet down! We walked another 1100 feet down the dark, wet, and at sometimes, tight cave before making it to the actual waterfall.  Let me paint a picture, I am in a cave with red lips and nails, ripped jeans and a cute faux fur vest in a dirty cave but I digress. Once at the water fall, we were given 5 minutes to take photos -_- A 35 minute walk for a 5 minute stop? After, we grabbed another bite to eat and was down for the night.  Can you say exhausted?

On the final day after breakfast, we went to the mall.  Nothing like shopping to make the trip feel balanced, lol.  After, we went to an even hire point of the mountain to Rock City.  I thought I was going to pee my pants on the ride up.  Rock City is an "enchanted" walking trail through the mountain, giant rocks and caves featuring random gnomes. In the middle of Rock City is a freakin cliff where you can see 7 different states.  SEVEN!  I told the husband, "this is bullshit and I'm ready to go." Lol. We finished the trail, made it to the bottom of the mountain, got on the road, stopped midway to eat at Pappadeux's (one of my favorite restaurants) and made it home super late which is why I am soooo tired.
Lover's Peak @ Rock City

Overall, I really had a blast. And, Chattanooga is as beautiful and scenic as they describe.  I wouldn't mind visiting again but I need to stay on the ground! :) 
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