Monday, February 9, 2015


Photo Source: Tumblr
The owner of this company has to be a kindred spirit... Any who, "Send Glitter to People You Hate," allows you to anonymously send a snarky greeting with a boat load of glitter to someone you hate.

Just take a few seconds to think about gets everywhere and takes forever to clean up.  A month later, glitter will still be seen in the most random places, somewhere the glitter didn't even fall. This is genius! *insert evil laugh here"

Listen, a list of people instantly popped up in my head when I saw this. However, whenever there's a evil prank, people usually assume it's me. 10 times out of 10, they're right.  If I'm found out, I'll just say "just kidding," or "I thought you would find it fun" but deep down inside, I sent it because I can't stand you!

Your glittery revenge will cost you $9.99 and boy is it worth it, lol. Seriously, this is making me all giddy.

For more info, visit Send Glitter to People You Hate.
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