Thursday, February 26, 2015


Hey guys, I'm supposed to be studying for the last day of my comprehensive exam but guess what?  I don't feel like it, lol.  Any who, I passed by Ulta a few hours ago to pick up more sugar scrub (read Scrub A Dub Body Scrub) and body butter but they didn't have the scrub I usually use; however, they did have a boatload of this detoxifying salt scrub so I thought, what the hell?

Details: "Mediterranean Salt Scrub, Black salt, derived from Dead Sea with added active charcoal High percentage of magnesium, sulfates, and potassium that help treat dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.  Charcoal helps draw out environmental toxins."


So remember that "so I thought, what the hell?" That's a fairly accurate description of my experience, lol.  First, this crap stinks.  I mean it's just a really weird smell and I can't wait for it to fade.  Secondly, I absolutely HATE the texture of this stuff.  It was all thick, gooey, and blah and yeah, I didn't like it...  In contrast, my skin feels pretty damn good.  Considering that I do suffer from eczema, I suppose I'll keep using it.  After all, I need to get my entire $8.99 worth.  And, this is a pretty good portion so it's going to take
F O R E V E R to finish it.

If I haven't completely scared you off, read reviews and purchase Detoxifying Mediterranean Salt Scrub Stink Fig & Olive at Ulta.

Side note: I still smell it.  It's been like 40 minutes and I still smell like stink fig!

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