Thursday, January 29, 2015


While at CVS earlier this week, I browsed the aisles for beauty products I didn't need.  I stopped at the Milani display because it was the neatest, lol.  I really didn't need anything but since my liner has been acting funky, I bought the Ultrafine Felt Tip Liquid Liner.

Description: "Vinyl and shimmer finishes, shades of high-impact purple, turquoise and inky black-this eye line is a dazzler.  The fine tip makes it easy to apply a precise line. And the waterproof formula means it won't smudge until you swipe it off with out Eye Makeup Remover."

Kudos to whomever wrote this description...  It makes me feel like the only thing I need in life is this liner!

Application: "Begin applying a thin line from the inner to the outer corner of your eyelid along your upper or lower lash line."

Yeah, so it looks like I've been applying my liner wrong.  I usually start outside of the lid...  Any who, what's my passive aggressive opinion of this liner?  I like the texture but the ultraness (not a word) of this product makes it hard to apply.  Your hand must be steady.  But, for the price, I can deal with it...

Ultrafine comes in 5 colors and is available pretty much everywhere.  Drugstores, Target, Walmart, etc.  For more information, visit Milani 
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