Tuesday, January 27, 2015


This has been a good few months for music as far as my playlist is concerned.  I was super excited when Azealia Banks released her new album and thought I hit the jackpot when D'Angelo released his highly anticipated album but I can't understand one single word he's saying.  Translator please!  Lyrics please but I digress.  Back to Blackheart.

Dawn Richard released her sophomore album Blackheart on January 15th and it's been the only thing I've listened to since I've downloaded it.  Now I'm no music expert but I would guess that the perfect mixture of synthesizing, electronics, pop, R&B is what has me drooling.  It's music that I can bump my head in traffic to, something I can ignore coworkers to...

Any who, I can listen to the album from start to finish but when I'm paying attention, I do skip Warriors and Phoenix (sorry Aundrea).

If you want to listen to the album without fully committing, you can access it via Spotify.  I'm not linking it because I don't want to get sued! Lol.  What are you listening to these days? 
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