Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Me & My Baby Bun
In my opinion, beginning Sisterlocks is very similar to "going natural."  To assist with the transition, there are a few essentials that have made my life easier. 

  • Bobby Pins.  Bobby Pins are great for styling, pinning your locks down, pinning them up, etc. 
  • Rubber bands.  The need for rubber bands depend on your length.  I'm able to pull my hair into a bun. I bounce between rubber bands and bobby pins daily.
  • Hats.  I still love hats.  I'll throw my hair into two French braids and add fedora on top.  Fedoras are instantly chic!
  • Headbands, Head Chains & Flower Crowns.  Don't let locks/locs limit your ability to accessorize.  I especially love head chains.
  • Satin Scarfs & Satin Sleep Caps.  Satin scarfs can stylish but most importantly, they prevent breakage.  DO NOT GO TO SLEEP WITHOUT ONE! 
Now isn't this a simple, easy and affordable list?  You're welcome :)    
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