Friday, August 29, 2014


As some of you know, I chose to get Sisterlocks as an alternative to cutting my hair.  I became a neurotic natural by trying different hair products (partly because I was curious and partly because I wanted to review products for you).  I also blew out my hair once or twice a month because I could not stand shrinkage.  My hair became severely damaged...

So, what has it been like with Sisterlocks? 

Sisterlocks are expensive.  The installation can be expensive (but no different than what you would pay for braid installation, hair tracks and some wigs)...  Even more, you should get them retightened every five to six weeks.  If not, you may risk damaging your hair and or your retightening price may increase).  In contrast, my hair does better when I have help caring for it.  It has always done better when stylists are involved.

It reminds me of when I first went natural...  The fact is, Mississippi tends to be behind on trends so I have gotten a lot of questions asking "what are they", "if I plan to keep them", etc.  Why the hell will I pay all of this money and sit in a chair for nearly 20 hours to get them removed?!  Even more irritating, a lot of women with locs don't like them.  They're too small and require too much upkeep for them.  The reality is that these are more versatile (you can curl or flat iron them).

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Thursday, August 28, 2014


SheaMoisture Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Pan
Exclusively sold at Target, Shea Moisture now sells cosmetics.  I haven't been to Target in ages so I'm a little late on this news...

 "The collection includes foundations in five skin-friendly formulations, in a range of shades and tones designed for all cultures, colors, and combinations.  Expert-level Color Correcting Concealer made to camouflage your most pressing dilemmas.  Create-Your-Palette, mix-and-match kits let you play the artist by picking and choosing your perfect Wet/Dry Eyeshadow, Mineral Blush, Lip/Cheek Balm and Pressed Powder." 


The line also includes tools!  Most importantly, prices range from  $1.99 for SheaMoisture Eye/Lip/Blush Compact to $24.99 for SheaMoisture Corrective Color Systems for.  To check out the collection, visit Target.

So, who's going to try this first?  Have you already tried it?  I have too much makeup already -_-

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Nearly a year ago, I did a review of NYX's Natural Shadow Palette and to make a long story short, I hated it. 

Previously, I thought the palette was not for all skin tones, specifically, my dark skin tone. 

How did I give the palette another chance?  It was time to replace my MAC eyebrow pencil but I didn't have time to go to the mall.  I remembered this palette came with a dark brown which is what I used to fill in my brows.  A few months later, it's all I use for my brows.  It doesn't smear or fade.  Sorry MAC :(

I use the color next to the dark brown as a nude eye shadow.  I use the color next to the nude as a highlighter for my eyebrows.  I also prime my eyelids with it.  I haven't tried the other three colors yet but for 7 bucks and some change, I'm ok with that.

Although I bought this at Ulta, it's available at Target, Nordstrom, CVS, Amazon, etc.   

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Monday, August 25, 2014


Source: Viva Le Femme
Viva Le Femme features art, photography, illustrations and accessories (very affordable actually) from Artist April. 
Aprill Hogue is a graduate from St. John's University based in Queens, New York with a BFA and concentration in illustration. As an illustrator, she has an immense passion for telling narratives and sharing stories with her work. Her latest work aspires to uplift, empower, and celebrate women of color from all over the globe. Embracing the radical notions of self-love, femininity, and celebrating diversity.  As she works towards her personal growth as an artist, and an individual--she aspires to continue using art as a means to connect with others all over the world.”
For more, visit Viva Le Femme


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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


This week, we see the team transform Carmen, a professional dancer and style Jackie Cruz of Orange is the New Black (I love that show).
Carmen is in need of a head to toe transformation.  Because of her petite frame, it’s tough to find anything in her size which results in her wearing oversized clothing.  Isn’t that a problem we would like to have?  To me it seems like an easy solution, shop the juniors department *shoulder shrug*  Any who, Carmen will be transitioning from the world of dance to graduate school and a professional career.  She’ll need two looks: A more professional look and one for her party celebrating her new career.  Her fashion icon is Nicole Richie, excellent choice.    
At her apartment, Jonathan and Brandon raid her closet to determine if there is anything salvageable.
Side note: I’m beginning to notice that New Yorkers have really small closets.  I guess there is at least one benefit to being in the south…
Turns out, Carmen’s closet isn’t a total fail.  She likes vintage clothing and has a cool fur vest and velvet top.  Back at the store, the remaining team members start building a shrine of her fashion icon.  While at her apartment, Jonathan and Brandon pulls an awesome maxi dress from her closet but she doesn’t know how to wear it…  They add a belt, scarf with chain fringes (please ship this to me), and black open toe booties.  The second look is a fringed jacket, patterned pants with oversized frames.
The second client is Jackie Cruz who needs to be styled for the season 2 premiere of Orange is the New Black.  Her schedule is so busy that she won’t be able to do a fitting until the day of the premiere.  THE HORROR!
Next, we see the team take Carmen to Williamsburg to hat shop.  I love hats and am building quite the collection.  She tries on a few hats but the best one is the classic fedora JJ picked.  Now it’s time for a faceover with Kristen.  After 6 episodes, I can now say with confidence that Kristen loves concealer.  I think she’s mentioned it in almost every episode…  Basically, you need to get yourselves concealer.  After adding concealer, Kristen fills in Carmen’s eyebrows use a gradient technique.  I’ve learned something new.  She then finished her look with a nude lip.  As with my weekly ritual, I too am wearing a nude lip *air kiss*
Next, the team meets up with Jackie.  As Brandon and JJ unpack the dresses and accessories, they notice they left the bag containing the clutches (including a $3,000 Alexander McQueen clutch).  Is this the episode they finally get fired?  Lol.  Jonathan walks up and immediately notices the clutches aren’t there and it’s not pretty.  Shortly after, Devin arrives with the bags and all is well.  Apparently, Jackie already has a great sense of style and is very picky.  She shuts down most of the looks but takes a chance on this a-line mod inspired dress and it’s perfect.  The team then pairs the look with metallic Louboutin heels, jewelry and the $3,000 Alexander McQueen clutch.  Jonathan doesn’t look too pleased to give that clutch up, lol.
Back at the store, it’s time to style Carmen for her party.  The first look is a bright floral dress with a drop waste.  The team adds a Rebecca Minkoff clutch and nude shoes but she thinks it’s too formal… Look two is silk shorts with a flowy top.   She is uncomfortable with shorts since she is bowlegged.  The final look (pictured above) has got to be one of my favorite looks thus far.  It’s a long-sleeved sheer and lace crop top with a pleaded purple skirt.
For season 2, the team should take their skills on the road…starting with me J

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Source: Wrap-A-Loc
As you guys know, I've had sisterlocks for nearly 7 months but the biggest misconception is that locs aren't versatile.  To the naysayers, I bring you Wrap-A-Loc, the dual hairstyling tool.


Unlike traditional styling tools, sponge rollers and perm rods, Wrap-A-Loc offers many options for locked hair – even when in the mist of styling it no covering the hair with a scarf or hat is ever required. When the tool is applied it creates a unique style and no one knows it’s in the hair except you and your stylist. When the tool is removed, you find beautiful soft, long lasting curly locs. The locs stay curly for days or until the hair is shampooed.

Using Wrap-A-Loc, you can take locked and natural hair to a new height of pride with creativity, flexibility and manageability.


Before you non-locers write this product off, the tool can be applied to all hair types natural,
relaxed/permed or naturally straight hair…

Although this tool is wearable, I would just use it overnight.  Ain't nobody trying to walk around with caterpillars in their hair -_-  Another thing, this is expensive as hell.  20 Wrap-A-Lock tools are $21.50 with 80 for $79.99.  Some people use pipe cleaners as an alternative, although, pipe cleaners are extremely cheap they are also sharp, flimsy, and produces smaller curls.  I want a larger curl, maybe more of a wave...

For people who are willing to give up a tank of gas, you can purchase Wrap-A-Loc here and even Amazon (which is actually the more expensive alternative).  Who's buying me a pack? :)

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Monday, August 18, 2014


My whole sponging obsession started with a disposable sponge I received inside a box of Dermablend's Smooth Indulgence Foundation SPF 20 so I decided to use it.  It worked so well I bought a bag of them but I ran out and wanted to try something new: Super Blender Sponge. 

  • Use dry sponge for full coverage and damp sponge for sheer coverage.
  • Ergonomic finger notches.
  • Ideal for contouring and blending tight areas.
  • Use the pointed tip to gently blend around the nose and eyes.
  • Use the round bottom to smooth along jawline.
  • Applying Cosmetics: For applying and blending liquid and cream makeup.
As the name indicates, it blends really well.  On the other hand, I haven't used it to its full potential.  I haven't tried to use it for contouring or highlighting.  Another thing, washing the sponge wasn't all that easy but we could probably chalk that up to my laziness :) 

Retailing for $4.99 and available at Ulta

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


This week, we see the team makeover former lawyer and single mom, Coco and style international model Chelsea Freeborn.  Both women are making career changes to the world of film and documentaries.  Unlike the previous storylines, Coco’s story really tugged on our heartstrings.  After the sudden death of her sister, she became an instant mom by raising her sister’s kids. 

Coco walks into the store giving us corporate snorefest and is missing a very important item…a purse!  But on the contrary, she uses a scarf as her purse.  It has a little pocket with a little zipper where she can store her lip gloss!  THE HORROR!  Coco is coming to Jonathan as a blank canvas and has no fashion inspiration so Jonathan picks Solange.  Excellent choice.  Later, Jonathan and Brandon arrive at her apartment to see a closet full of gloomy-colored suits.  Not only that but she has like 1.2 accessories.  Not surprising for someone who wears a scarf as a purse. 

Back at the store, the team starts building a theme.  Kristin has on a really cute pair of shorts…  Back at the apartment, while scavenging Coco’s “corporate closet,” Jonathan finds a cute black and white shirt dress and adds a wide chain belt, necklace, bracelet, and a turquoise heel.  They provide her with a second look which includes a bright orange blazer, orange strappy heels, vertical top and printed skirt (of the same color scheme). I’ve always liked mixed prints. 

In comes the second client Chelsea who needs to be styled for her upcoming event which is a fundraiser for her documentary. 

“Baling-a-ling, you better answer that.”- JJ

Next, the team takes Coco shopping for accessories.  Jonathan gives her a necklace with Coco, her sister, and the kid’s initials.  That was very thoughtful.  Coco then visits Kristin for a new face.  The first thing Kristin does is trim her lashes.  THANK GOSH!  I wasn’t going to say anything but since y’all brought it up…lol.  Kristin then adds coal eyeliner and bright luster to matt pink lips.  This looks great on her.

Now it’s time to style Chelsea.  Jonathan is first to the hotel but the boys have not arrived.  They made a pit stop in SoHo to pull more options which caused them to be late, very late.  It’s nearly an hour before the event an Jonathan is pissed.

Brandon and JJ finally arrive and pull the first dress, a hot pink Nicole Miller dress.  Denied.  Second dress, rejected.  Third dress, nope.  The fourth is a neon yellow BCBG dress with lace cutouts.  They pair the look with a silver Jimmy Choo heel but she feels more like an attendee rather a host in this dress.  The final dress (pictured above) has a gold top with embellishments, a black tutu and a harness.  She loves it which means JJ’s and Brandon’s jobs are saved…for now.  

Coco is back to be styled for the debut of her documentary.  The first look is a monochromatic shirt and pants with pink pumps and cobalt blue jacket.  They finish the look with a navy blue fur clutch.  Listen, this clutch is the business.  I would marry this clutch but I digress… She thinks this look is too heavy so she moves on to a black structured blazer, printed pants, green shirt and purple heels.  I love this but it doesn't have enough oomph.  The winning look is a Tracy Reese dress that has blue and green prints featuring stripes down the side.  She also has teardrop earrings and yellow strap heels.  You look great Coco, good luck!

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Monday, August 11, 2014


Back in July, I posted a blog about Revlon's Color Stay Gel Envy and this past weekend, I finally tried it.  I was in New Orleans for my Dad's wedding and bought 2 nude polishes that happened to be nearly empty when I attempted to polish my nails so I moseyed over to Rite Aid to buy a nude polish.  Because it was approximately an hour before we were scheduled to leave for the wedding, I needed a polish that will allow me to skip a step or two which brings me to Revlon's Color Stay Gel. 

I choose the color Checkmate (pictured to your right).

Although skipping the basecoat makes me feel uncomfortable, this nail polish is pretty good.  The dry time is also fairly quick.  I know this for sure because I was in the suite polishing my nails 10 minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to start!!!  Literally 8 minutes after I finished polishing my nails, I was shaking hands but I experienced no smudging.  One step I didn't follow was using their ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat.  I have entirely too many topcoats and wasn't about to buy another one just because I bought their polish *head roll and snap*  Last but not least, it's day 3 and I have yet to experience any chipping.

This polish is great for people who probably aren't that into nail polish, don't want to spend a ton on nail polish or don't want to go through the various steps (basecoat, color coats, and topcoats).

Revlon is available literally everywhere.  I mean, you can find it at your local grocery store, drugstore, Walmart, Target, truck stop, church, etc.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


This week we saw the team makeover aspiring theatre actress Sarah.  Coincidentally, dressing like a “hoochie” does not allow her to be taken seriously.  She’s definitely giving me Nicole Richie circa 2003.  Part of her issue is finding pieces for a tall frame and shoes for her big feet (her words, not mine).  Any who, her fashion icon is Katherine Hepburn and not only does she need an everyday look but wants to look classy for her upcoming birthday party.
I’m not saying she’s a streetwalker but she’s streetwalkerish.”- Brandon 
Back at the store, the team starts building a look while Jonathan and Brandon head to Sarah’s apartment to see if there is anything in her closet worth savaging.  Surprise! Sarah has a lot of skank-wear and only one pair of jeans.  Jonathan cuts the bottom of her jeans to create a cropped jean, uses one of her dress as a top, adds a bold print blazer and neon heels for a totally new look.  Sarah loves the jacket and so do I.  The final touches are a statement necklace and bracelet.  They pull a second look which includes a yellow oversized Valentino coat paired with a white form fitting blouse, baby blue skirt and flats with gold pointed caps. 
B.O.R.N’s second client is fashion blogger Rachel Martino (pictured above) who surprisingly needs a last minute look for a Spring Beauty Kickoff with attendees that include the who’s who of the beauty blogsphere.  She’s already well put together pairing a leather jacket with a bright dress and lip.  Jonathan says that she will be a perfect client and I agree.  However, Brandon will be traveling home for the weekend leaving him unable to help which results in them using Devin as a backup…sleesh…good luck with that :/
Back to Sarah, the team takes her to Paper Denim & Cloth to shop for jeans.  First, are the low-rise jeans which look awesome on her.  They can even be rolled up for a cropped look.  The second pair of jeans are high-rise which I didn’t really like but her butt looks great in them.  I love JJ’s cap in this scene.  Is it leopard print?  After, Sarah met with Kristen to makeover her face.  She wants a strong brow and red lip.  Ok Ms. Sarah, I like a woman who knows what she wants.  Kristen starts with blush, fills in her brows, adds a dewy highlighter and a rosy red lip.  I wanted to wear a red lip today but I have on a green jumpsuit and didn’t want to look like a Christmas ornament…
In the next scene, JJ approaches Devin about pulling looks for Rachel.  When Devin walks from behind the counter, we ALL notice he has on disco platforms which are considered his “serious shoes.”  Please bow your head for a moment of silence… … … Ok, so the first look Devin pulls is a cropped strip shirt and floral skirt.  I LOVE THIS!!!  After pulling a few more looks, they head to the salon to meet up with Rachel.  I lose a few seconds because I’m busy staring at her nails.  I’m memorized and may polish my nails red this weekend but I digress.  Rachel loves the first look (the cropped stripe shirt and floral skirt) but the shirt is too long.  Jonathan starts talking about how he put this look together but Devin got him together real quick, lol.  Devin that was unprofessional but I get where you’re coming from.  I really wish y’all would’ve brought some needle and thread to make this look work.  The second look is some type of white checkered dress with a red Chinese inspired coat or something…I don’t know.  She thought it was a little too much and so did I. Sorry JJ.  The winning piece was pulled by Devin.  Surprise.  Surprise.  I guess Devin is a valuable team member after all *claps lightly* 
Brandon’s back and it’s time to style Sarah for her birthday party.  The first look was a tangerine box top with black wide leg trousers.  She did not like it but I did *shoulder shrug*  The second look was awesome.  It was a one shoulder black and white dress with a high slit to show a little leg.  JJ added long drop earrings.  The look was finished with embellished sandals.  Please pick this look, pretty please!!!  But nope, her final look was a yellow and black shirt dress with silver heels.  Her friends loved the new Sarah. 
RIP Hoochie Sarah.
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