Wednesday, June 25, 2014


It's that time again!  Sephora is providing its customers with classes that cover beauty basics such as contouring, smoky eye, foundation, skincare and false eyelashes.  Bonus: "Get personalized beauty recommendations and shop them after the class."  Ha, you'll thought products was gone be free?  

Next, is the shade!  Sephora will be offering this class in select locations...ok, I can handle that but it does not seem to include much of the south! Do we NOT wear makeup?  Oh, I guess we don't have major cities...  Houston? Nope.  Dallas? No!  Atlanta? Hell No!  New Orleans?  Absolutely not!!!  If you have at least one store in a particular city or state, you should be offering classes.  Hell, we probably need it the most but I digress.
*rolls eyes*
For more information, click here!  For those that can attend, let us know how it goes...
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