Friday, June 27, 2014


This post is brought to you by Jill, my mother.  While chatting on her lunch break, I told her I was having a hard time locating my foundation in my color and would have to order it online.

TIMEOUT!  FLAG ON THE PLAY!  Why can't I find makeup my color?  I'm talking to you Ulta, Sephora and Dillards but I digress.

Any way, Jill was bragging about this product and she told me about it once before but her being a mother and all, I'm like...what does she know?  So, I did a quick Google search and on one particular site, this product received rave reviews but all of the reviewers were between the ages of 36-55, lol!  Any who, she feels so confident about this product that she is buying it for me and I'll do a review for you guys.


Wrapped in micro bubbles of Argan, Flax and Rose Hips Oil, Plasma Flawless Finish protects, mattefies, and blurs pores and imperfections--plus, it won't cake up or settle like ordinary powders. This lighter-than-air color protector is the perfect touch-up all day long.

Use included sponge to pat onto desired areas of your face--do not rub on. Dab powder onto skin until the appearance of pores disappears and shine is controlled. Use throughout the day as necessary over make-up. Use over Plasma Foundation or alone after moisturizing.  

Source  This product retails for 42 bucks and is available at Skinn.

Side note to mom: Yes, I called you by your first name.  What can you do to me via the internet? *evil laugh*
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