Thursday, May 8, 2014


Source: Oprah
Of course, I wasn't able to catch this episode when it aired Saturday.  And, because I waited until the last minute to pack for Augusta, I only saw the first 5 minutes on Sunday, errr!  But as soon as I landed last night, I got all caught up.

I don't know if it was because I was sleepy but this episode was a bit of a blur, lol.  Kiyah got an apartment, finally.  I know how it feels to have people in my space.  After 2 days (yes, I said 2 days), it becomes annoying.

Any who, Chenoa storyline still appears to be the most interesting.  She's considering a second wife to provide her husband with his domestic needs which leaves her free to be a wild flower.  She started this search at a lesbian bar... 

Bershan spent the episode buying lingerie and allowed Chenoa to shoot her so she could spice things up with her hubby.  I'm not really clear on what Breshan does for a living and I know NYC women are dependent and all *insert Destiny Child's Independent Woman* but if my husband was traveling the way he does, I would be with him as much as I could...  But like I said, I don't know this woman's life.

Last but not least, Tiffany continued to prove that she's a snorefest.  Was she even in this episode?  Sorry, that was mean.

Not sorry.
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