Friday, February 14, 2014


Lip Tar
At this point, you probably think that Lip Tar has hired me as one of their consultants, lol.  Most recently, I talked about this brand in "I'm Blue" and "Lip Tar" but the purpose of this post is to provide you with a brief review of the product.

First, I though the little brush that comes with the gloss was cool but highly unnecessary but after applying it, I knew why.  You could get this stuff all over you and its kind of hard to get off which brings me to a very important point...  THIS IS THE LONGEST WEARING LIPSTICK I'VE EVER WORN!!!

*eats and drinks all day* Lip Tar still there
*goes out to dinner with friends* Lip Tar still there
*goes to sleep from long day and doesn't wash face (the horrors) and wakes up* Lip Tar still there

So, although it's quite expensive (18 bucks) it's worth it and is now the official Pink Gumbeaux lip brand *insert fireworks*

Disclaimer: I'm a flake and will probably say the very same words about another brand next month!

Happy Valentine's Day
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