Thursday, February 6, 2014


I've been obsessed with blue lipstick for a while! I mean, how many more reds, pinks, and oranges could the beauty industry produce?  We needed something new!  Thing is, I've been on the hunt for this since the summer.  While I do appreciate online shopping, my preference is I WANT IT IN MY HANDS NOW!!! *insert thunder and lightening*  Most recently, I spotted a blue lip at Niks Cosmetics but I bought Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic Lip Tar - Matte in true cyan blue from Sephora this past Saturday (because I happen to be picking up a gift for my mom's birthday). 

Side note: Niks is cheaper...  Any who, I wanted to post some pictures so I could get you comfortable with the idea of blue lips (if you aren't). 

Orphee Nou
Sophie Dreijer
So where does one wear blue lipstick???  I tell you where you don't wear it: work, school, church, weddings, baptisms, job interviews, christenings, yoga, when meeting his parents, brunch, while shopping at Walmart, etc. but hey, you're what you want! Lol.

Side note 2: let's wish my mom a giant HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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