Wednesday, February 19, 2014


    Zum Bar Soap
    I sure do blow through soap, don't I?  Well at least you know I'm clean!  Any who, I bought this soap last week from Whole Foods Market for no particular reason but the word "coffee" did pop out at me.... 

    About: Almond has a brother in hearty, robust coffee - itÍs grounds for a double tall Zumacino. Exfoliation helps you renew yourself when you denude yourself.
  • Sort of kind of review: I love this but I love Zum bars in general.  I love the way the bars lather and it always smell so good.  Now the description says it smells like coffee-almond but let's just go with almond...

    WARNING: There are little coffee grounds on the soap but don't be alarmed, it helps with exfoliation. 

    This bar of soap retails for 5 bucks and some change and is available at Indigo Wild (Zum's owners), Whole Food, Amazon and other organic grocery stores I don't feel like Googling :)
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