Wednesday, December 18, 2013


So, my mom knows I'm obsessed with Deborah Lippmann (she bought my first DL polishes) and called me sometime last week (really late while I was studying for a final) to tell me DL was on HSN selling a 12-piece nail set.  Although I LOVE DL, I just can't spend that type of money on nail polish!  Any who, she asked me if I wanted it for Christmas.  I hadn't thought about DL polish as a gift, honestly, I just wanted iTunes and H&M gift cards...  She kept harassing me and those polishes were selling like weave so I told her to go ahead and purchase it.

After she purchased it and sent me the confirmation, I bounced around for about 20 minutes because I was going to get 12 full-sized DL polishes ( I was looking down at all my other polishes wondering if I should just off them), lol.

On Monday, I received the packaged.  After removing all the packaging and plastic I started pulling out the polish and I said "WTH, this isn't full-sized!"  But, I digress...

What You Get
  • .27 fl. oz. Nail Lacquer - Single Ladies (burgundy red, creme)
  • .27 fl. oz. Nail Lacquer - Stormy Weather (edgy granite, creme)
  • .27 fl. oz. Nail Lacquer - Sarah Smile (sexy pink, sheer)
  • .27 fl. oz. Nail Lacquer - Groove is in the Heart (flamingo pink, creme)
  • .27 fl. oz. Nail Lacquer - I Know What Boys Like (playful periwinkle, bluish purple, creme)
  • .27 fl. oz. Nail Lacquer - Mermaid's Dream (seafoam splendor, glittered shimmer)
  • .27 fl. oz. Nail Lacquer - Fashion (taupe, creme)
  • .27 fl. oz. Nail Lacquer - It's Raining Men (red, creme)
  • .27 fl. oz. Cuticle oil
  • .27 fl. oz. Gel Lab top coat - Shining Armor (clear)
  • .27 fl. oz. Gel Lab base coat - Coat of Arms (clear)
  • .27 fl. oz. Cuticle remover
You guys already know I love this brand but I'll give you a brief review:

I picked It's Raining Man RED and used DL's base and top coats along with her cuticle oil.  What I love about her polish is that it dries quick and hugs the nail.  Like, do you understand?  It literally looks like it expands and hugs the nail to prevent chips.

I probably should have told you at the beginning of this post but that particular special is no more (at this moment).  Mom got it for $39.95 with free shipping but it retails for $59.95 plus shipping, nonetheless, you can still check it out. here!
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