Monday, December 9, 2013


Not the Same
So...I ran out of moisturizing soap (I usually shower with two soaps: black soap and a moisturizing soap) and decided to head to our local natural food store (Rainbow Co-op) to buy a bar or two.  I usually choose oatmeal soap because it's cheap and smells pretty good  BUT...time begin to slow, there was darkness and then a bright light emerged over Napa Valley Wine Bar *insert angels singing* my soap.....HELL YES!

Description: Lavender Lovers Look out! The Napa Valley Wine Bar is a beautiful bar of soap loaded with Lavender essential oil. Truly a silky, skin softening bar with a added touch of wine from the Napa Valley. A great gift for you and your Lavender Lover loved ones.

Like any soap from a natural food store, you can smell a hint of the actual ingredient (wine) along with an overwhelming earthy smell, eck!  It actually smells like booze and swamp land but I digress...

The soap lathered really well and it does infuse moisture.  And in the event you didn't know, I do suffer from Eczema and after using this soap for two days, I would say it works great for anyone with sensitive skin.

As stated previously, I purchased this from Rainbow for 7 bucks and some change but you can't shop them online, however, you can buy it from this store (where its a tad bit more expensive).
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