Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Eat too much, get tipsy and laugh until your stomach hurts.  See you Monday!



Hey guys, this is a much needed break (although I still have to do homework).  I'm always happier when I'm home around family and friends but I digress.  I have a few things to hold you over:

3 Secrets to Growing Long Hair by Curly Nikki
The Celeb Winter Trend To Try Now by Glo
The Passive Aggressive Giver's Gift Guide by Glo
Lipstick Look Book (Haul) by Shameless Mya
Perfect Palette Tag by Bargain Princess
Love it or Leave It? Nothing But Pure Pudding by Jenell Stewart
Your Giant Holiday Nail Polish Guide for 2013 by Beauty High
The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Beauty Deals! by POPSUGAR

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What Ruins Your Smile, Winter Skin & Ombre Lips

Monday, November 25, 2013


I ran out of Neutrogena (read: SHE WANTS THAT OLD THING BACK- Neutrogena's Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask) so I decided to try something different: Garnier's Soothing Remover Cleansing Towelettes for Sensitive Skin.

I choose this over the others because it contains no fragrance, alcohol or dye and because it was labeled NEW.  In contrast, if it's new at Krogers it probably came out 8 months ago, lol. Any who, about this product:

Specially adapted to suit sensitive skin, Garnier Soothing Remover Cleansing Towelettes are infused with calming plant extract and vitamin E, to perfectly cleanse, comfort, and help clear skin of impurities, oil, and waterproof mascara. Dermatologist tested for safety. Ophthalmologist tested. Tested on contact lens wearers.
  • For sensitive skin
  • Gently cleanses without rubbing
  • Removes even waterproof mascara

  • Source: Ulta

    So, I think these wipes did a good job at removing makeup and dirt (however, my makeup was already sliding off).  I will say that I kind of... may not have... washed my face after using them but this morning I used another wipe before washing my face and barely had any dirt.  I think for the price, it's worth a try :) The price depends on where you buy it from.  I've seen it for 3 bucks and some change to 6 dollars.  Check it out at Ulta (where it's cheaper with reviews).

    Capes, Manicures & Eco Gifts

    Friday, November 22, 2013


    "Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M·A·C famous."

    Some time a few weeks ago, I was feeling all emo and wanted to find a dark lip to match my mood.  I mosied over to MAC and introduced myself to Cyber.

    I was honestly scared to wear this.  Between this very dark color and my dark complexion, I thought the color wouldn't pop but on the contrary...

    And... a little tip: brush your lips with a warm towel to get rid of any dead skin.  I also add chapstick before putting lipstick on (I suffer from very very dry lips year around).

    This lipstick retails for 15 bucks and is available MAC!

    Winter Apparel, Sweatshirts & Holiday Savings

    Thursday, November 21, 2013


    Is this new because I never knew it  Any who, I picked this up at Kroger Tuesday night but I'll give you a little background info:

    "A light, alcohol-free, Conditioning hydrating gel.  Stops frizz, adds moisture, defines, shapes and seals in any size or texture of curl.  Dries soft and adds shine with no flaking.  Apply after Clean-N-Curly shampoo. Use on wet hair to set in curls. Use on dry hair to revitalize curls.  Avoid combing/fingering through hair for at least 10-15 minutes to help seal in curls and prevent frizz. Also holds hair in place for ponytails, pinups, twist outs, etc."
    So, this is a another sort of kind of review because I didn't follow directions, lol.  Yes, it does look like a gel but glides on as an oil and I felt like it didn't do anything for my hair but I proceeded to comb and twist my hair right after I put it in, lol.  Directions clearly states to not touch hair right after.
    Reading is fundamental and I'll try again #worsebloggerever #ohwell
    Taliah Waajid can be purchased almost anywhere (Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc.) but you could always go straight to their site!

    Cranberry, Honey & Thanksgiving Dinner for great skin?

    Wednesday, November 20, 2013


    Andy Warhol was an American artist and the most famous figure associated with the American Pop Art Movement.  He also happens to be my favorite artist!  He became a household name during the Factory Years.

    Men's Grooming, Makeup Stains & Turtlenecks?

    Tuesday, November 19, 2013


    When I was young, I was completely content with the idea of being an artsy bum on the streets of New Orleans French Quarters... What happened to that girl???

    Any who, I get real antsy near December because December is the month I decided to revamp my blog a few years ago.  Last year, I outlined a couple of goals and I've met one: more original posts.  This is a very tough task but I have an idea how I can makeup for that.  I need to ensure this blog reflects ALL of me so while I love beauty and fashion, I also love reading, art, music, booze and food.  Pink Gumbeaux is going to start traveling into that direction...

    In contrast, one goal I haven't achieved: vlogging. I made one but the quality is really bad.  I bought this really expensive camera and have yet to really use it.  I hoping to get bitten by some creative bug and start taking photos.

    Another thing, I need to figure out how to organize reblogs.. .I don't like the current format :/

    Last but not least, I'm thinking strongly about removing advertisements.  I've already removed two.  It's not like I'm making any real money off it so get a good look at them because they may be gone...


    Cyber Monday, Ballerina Top Knot & Urban Decay

    Monday, November 18, 2013

    My Weekend Review: Mixed Chicks, Que Bella & Other Crap

    Hey guys!  I haven't done a weekend review in ages because weekend reviews often require me to actually do something outside of homework but I digress, lol. 

    Lets see, I saw two movies, tailgated, had brunch with friends and window shopped this weekend but you don't want to hear about all that so let's start with Mixed Chicks.  First, if you don't know, I am a cowasher (I probably shampoo a few times a year).  Any who, I was able to use both their deep conditioner (REVIEW: MIXED CHICKS DEEP CONDITIONER) and Leave-in (MIXED CHICKS LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER).

    As usual, I let the deep conditioner sit in my hair while I showered.  I also used that time to finger detangle than I rinsed.  I added two dime-sized drops of olive oil and added their deep conditioner.  Once out, my fingers slid through my hair.  My hair just felt so moisturized, defined and no tangles!  I passed a rat tail comb through it and like I said, it just slid right through!  That was Saturday, today is Monday and I still don't feel the need to add any moisturizer.  I probably will tonight.  I say all that to say that I'm officially transitioning to Mixed Chicks products!

    Now to Que Bella's Peel-Off Masks.  I bought this a week or so ago but was able to finally use it Saturday. 

    About Que Bella

    "Based in the English county of Lancashire, we are surrounded by nature and take this as inspiration to use natural ingredients with inherent properties which naturally condition your skin and hair.
    Our aim is to take the finest ingredients that nature has to offer and turn them into wonderful body-care products, that are really effective, a delight to use and affordable for everyone as an everyday treat."

    So, I have to just say this... That mask is freaking hilarious.  I looked like a beauty monster. Any way, the directions said to place the mask on your face and relax.  You should follow those directions because I was trying to do stuff and the mask kept falling off until I sat down a laid my head back for like 10 minutes.  My face looked a shade or so lighter so I would say it removed dirt but as I stated previously, I was moving around too much so my results or shitty, lol.

    I bought the refining mask with fruit enzymes.  There are a host you can choose from but you'll have to physically go to Target.  They don't have the entire selection online neither did Que Bella list it on their site...WTH? Any who, check out a few here!

    Last but not least, if you haven't noticed, I've been shifting stuff around.  I would like the actual blog to be the focus so I pushed everything down.  Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't give me a whole lot to choose from :/ Let me know if this format works for you...

    Leather Jackets, Snow Mani & Shopping Personalities

    Friday, November 15, 2013


    So...I heard a little chat about it but really didn't do any research until last night.  If you haven't heard, the Sonia Kashuk brand has expanded and now includes bath and body products. 

    About SK (which is what I call her since we're such great friends....)

    "Makeup artist extraordinaire Sonia Kashuk is dedicated to help every woman be her most beautiful self. She has created this line of high quality cosmetics and accessories — good enough to be in her own makeup case — at outstanding prices."

    So... the bath and body products include shower gel, body wash, body polish, spa brush, exfoliating mitten, shower cap, loofah, body oil and perfume in three yummy scents: Purple Seductia, Pink Innocencia & Yellow Alluriana.

    A little about the scents...

    Purple Seductia is a bold, sexy and uninhibited fragrance, where effervescent pomegranate fuses with rose delicacy and earthy patchouli. For the daring, confident and passionate woman who exudes sensuality and who loves to sparkle.

    Pink Innocencia is a dance of captivating tuberose, dewy magnolia and dreamy amber creates this delicate, innocent and rosy, almost girly mist. A quiet, yet irresistibly attractive floral scent for the graceful, cheerful and ultra-feminine.

    Yellow Alluriana is a burst of refreshing citrus notes and crisp verbena plays to the sensuality of musk, for the happiest, most vibrant and uplifting fragrance. A delight for the lively, bubbly and free-spirited.

    Of course, it's affordable.  The most expensive items are the complete set at $19.99.  I don't know about you guys but this looks like a great Christmas gift for someone.  Shop here!

    The 10 prettiest celeb-inspired long bobs

    Thursday, November 14, 2013


    So, the timing for this post is just perfect.  Before I got an invite to post my "truths" on Facebook, I already had it outlined for this goes!

    1.     I had aspirations of being a crazy cat lady, maybe one day.

    2.     I don’t like my food touching.  For example, if my chicken touches my pasta, I may not eat the parts that touched! #judgeme

    3.       I am a very very picky eater!!!

    4.       I’m actually introverted.  I’m still uncomfortable in most social environments.

    5.       I hate mornings, specifically, mornings when I have to come to work and people talk to me…lol.

    6.     I’m not particularly fond of my current location and miss New Orleans daily.

    7.       I’ve been in school all of my life.  I’ve literally been in school since 4!!!

    8.       I love coffee, drink it every day, 1 to 3 cups a day!

    9.       I value my iPhone and iPad more than most relationships I have.

    10.   I enjoy recreational reading.  I’m currently reading “How to Win Friends & Influence People,” published in 1936 by Dale Carnegie.

    11.   I don’t get much sleep.  I usually do homework when I leave work into the wee hours.

    12.   I prefer walking over running and gyms.  It also allows me to get a lot of thinking in.

    13.   I listen to music alllll day.  Currently, my favorite singer and girl crush is Lana Del Rey.

    14.   My favorite show is American Horror Story!
    Yea, so…I think this everything I come up with that you guys don’t already know.  What are your “truths?”

    Fall Sneakers, Makeup for Acne & Essie Holiday Collection

    The Beauty Department

    Awesome outfits that start with sneakers by Lucky
    Makeup for Acne Prone Skin by the Beauty Deapartment
    Essie Holiday 2013 Luxeffects Collection Swatches by the PolishAholic

    Wednesday, November 13, 2013


    So, I was so pleased with Mixed Chick's Deep Conditioner that I went back and bought their leave-in conditioner.  I must be impressed because I already have 3 bottles of conditioner, lol.  Even worse, this crap costs 20 bucks but I digress...


    Tame your kinks and make your hair look brilliant! Leave-in conditioner from Mixed Chicks will help define your curls and give your hair radiance. Use it regularly to help keep frizz under control and add moisture to give your hair a healthy and natural look.
    • Number of Pieces: 1
    • Hair Type: Kinky, Frizzy, Curly
    • Used For: Conditioning
    • Recommended Use: Daily
    • Product Form: Cream
    • Capacity (volume): 10.0 Oz.
    • Includes: Conditioner
    So, I've actually used this on dry hair to add a little moisture (which it did).  Whenever I wash my hair (lol), I'll let you know how it goes...

    I coped mines from Target but I'm sure it's available other places... For more info and reviews, visit Target!

    Baby Beauty, Makeup Wipes & Herbal Tea for Hair Growth

    Tuesday, November 12, 2013


    OMG, let's see if I can get this title correct: Champneys Spa Indulgence, Distant Shores Body Butter with passion fruit and mango extracts...whew!

    Any who, Sunday, I went to Target to pick up more Tree Hut and I started smelling around and decided to give Champneys body butter a try.

    Let's rewind a bit and talk a little about Champneys...  Champneys were pioneers of the concept of holistic wellbeing, the first UK health spa chain and the first purpose-built health resort, all located in the English counties of Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire and Hampshire.

    Our pioneering spirit continues with state of the art facilities, cutting-edge medicine and sports science, and the newest and most exotic treatments from around the world.

    Our distinct brand of Englishness is also growing in Europe, Asia, The Middle East and North America.


    Fast forward to the REVIEW!  Just the smell made me drop Tree Hut and buy this instead, sorry, lol.  Any who, the butter was a bit thin but it lathered on quite well.  Although thin, my skin stays moisturized throughout the entire day (this is my 3rd day using it).  And...did I smells like heaven? Lol.

    I bought this from Target for $12.99 + tax but its' a dollar cheaper online.  If you do a quick Google search, you'll find it at other stores but it's not much cheaper, lol.

    They also have body scrubs and bubbles!  I may swing back and get those.  For more info, visit Target!

    Steven Onoja, Etsy's Handmade Bags & Foods for Clear Complexion

    I honestly need to subscribe to more fashion magazines and blogs, I've been a little heavy on beauty but I digress. 
    This past weekend I ran across Steven Onoja of Ostentation & Style and I must say he's pretty perfect. 
    Side note: I would probably let him dress me!

    17 handmade handbags we found on Etsy by Lucky (I love the purses but hate most of the prices, lol)
    7 Foods That Clear Your Complexion by Beauty High


    Monday, November 11, 2013


    Money Saving Mom
    I am world-renowned for my holiday shopping skills.  By world-renowned I mean my family is typically very very pleased with the gifts I choose, lol.

    If this post is common sense for some of you guys, read tomorrow's posts! Lol.

    Step 1: Make a list and check it twice.  Unless there is a raise in my future, I'm only shopping for family, lol.

    Step 2: Create a budget!  I have a max amount for each individual on my list.  I'm not going to reveal that amount because I don't want people thinking I buy cheap gifts, lol.

    Step 3: ASK FOR RECOMMENDATIONS!  I know the holidays are not about receiving gifts but I honestly don't want gifts I didn't ask for nor do I want people to attempt to figure me out and spontaneously buy something for me.**t.  But hey, that's just me.  If gift requests fit within my budget, I'll get them what they requested!

    Step 4: Check Amazon FIRST!  Honestly, what's not on Amazon?!  I would recommend eBay but I do not have the patience for bidding and watching and alerts and bidding!

    Step 5: Have you ever thought about teaming up?  For example, I have a godson with two little sisters.  That can be pricey so me and my mom throw our coins together and get them a gift.  We also do this for my grandmother :)

    Step 6: Consider Black Friday & Cyber Monday.  Although I'm not sure if I'll participate in either this year (I'm already tired even though both are weeks away) but there is no denying the deals you'll receive.  As a result of both, I'm usually done with holiday shopping by Cyber Monday.

    Note: Some people wrap up their Thanksgiving early to stand in line but I usually go 1 hour before malls open and manage to always get everything on my list.  Once in, that's when I go turbo, I'm even willing to push old ladies down! Just kidding...sure I am :)

    Good luck, may the force be with you this holiday season!

    Baby Doll Purple, Beauty Lies & Removing Long-Lasting Lipstick

    Friday, November 8, 2013

    Holiday Packing, Cuticle Care & 10 Gifts!

    So, I probably shouldve told you guys that I would be out of town for a conference but I really thought I would be able to post...  Ater, I headed to my grandparents (where I am now). I NEEDED a break.  It's been a hectic semester but I digress, here 's something to hold you over!

    Here's What to Pack For All Your Holiday Travels by POPSUGAR
    The Best Products For Cuticle Care by Beauty High
    10 Under $10: Holiday Beauty Gift Guide by Beauty High

    And, dont forget to shop this weekend's sale!  I'm ready to clear out the store and get some new stock!  Visit the SHOP tab above!

    Wednesday, November 6, 2013


    Looks like I've really been concerned with our male counterparts lately...(not really), lol.  So, I suppose you can say I'm more observant of men then I need to be because there are just some things that bother me.  Like very basic things, lol.  Any who, I've composed a list of items you should get for your guys to help them not look like street bums (you're welcome).

    1. Nail kit.  Typically, men's nails are dirty, long and or uneven.  Either you take care of that problem or by the brother a kit. 
    2. Face wash, moisturizer and even masks!  He washes his face with regular soap and water and wonder why it's so dry or he just loves using your products!  Remember this post? Keep Your Paws off My S**t: Men that Use Our Products!
    3. Shampoo and conditioner! Ugh, those very dry dry locks and flakes.  You know he doesn't know what to buy!
    4. Soap and body butter.  Look, I'm 28 and I like a certain glow so I would recommend organic soaps and body butters.  Who wants to waste 5 minutes putting on crappy lotion to be ashy 2 seconds later...
    5. Raiser blade, clippers and the associated creams.  To prevent from waiting until he looks like a wolf, keep him in stock.
    6. Cologne.  Please warn your guy that two sprays is all that is needed.  I HATE guys who wear too much!!!
    I know this may be a lot and you may or may not care that much (lol) but try purchasing these items in increments.  If you're smart, you'll save this list until Christmas and throw all these items into a cute basket.  Sometimes you can find these kits at department stores, Walmart and Target.

    Eventually, there will be a part two to this post.  While I've listed what he needs, I'm going to research some brands!

    Good luck ladies!!!

    DIY Jeweled Trench, Nail Art & 12hr Eyeshadow

    Monday, November 4, 2013



    Sometime last week I was watching a vlogger's video about hair growth and she just kept saying she owed it to Mixed Chick's Deep Conditioner.  Watching the video was perfect timing because I was actually running out of my deep conditioner and wouldn't have bought anything different if I didn't see that vid. 

    Fast forward to this weekend, I passed by Target and picked some up. 


    Eliminate frizz and restore moisture balance to your hair with Mixed Chicks conditioner. Perfect for curly and coarse hair types, the cream is suitable for daily use. It reconstructs damaged areas and rehydrates the hair cuticle. This deep conditioner penetrates deep into the hair shaft to transform dry, frizzy, tangled hair into manageable, luscious locks.
    • Number of Pieces: 1
    • Hair Type: Kinky, Frizzy, Coarse
    • Used For: Conditioning, Smoothing
    • Recommended Use: Daily
    • Product Form: Cream
    • Capacity (volume): 8.0 Oz.
    • Includes: Conditioner
    Source: Target

    My hair has been acting an ass lately so I was happy to try it.  I mean it's cheaper than visiting a hair stylist, right?


    First off, I like the smell of this stuff.  This conditioner just glided on and made my hair super easy to finger detangle.  I left it on while in the shower and rinsed it with cool water.  My hair felt really moisturized after.  I felt like it instantly boosted my little curls and is quite compatible with the other stuff I use.

    Overall, I'm excited to see if my hair will transform as a result of using this.  So, that means I would recommend it!  However, shop around.  I believe I paid too much at Target :(

    Hair Salon Dangers, Beauty Fixes & Leather Skirts

    Friday, November 1, 2013

    Men Accessorizing???

    Meow Leslie, oops, I meant Ryan Leslie! LOL

    Accessorizing is my favorite part of dressing up.  I can feel blah about my day or a particular outfit but when I add a statement necklace, hat or purse, it turns my day around (shallow much?) Lol. Any who, it got me thinking about men and why they don't accessorize enough.

    Stocking Stuffers, Trimming Curly Hair & How to Wash Your Face Properly!

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