Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sorries, Excuses & A Few Rants

Nope, “sorries” is not a word!  So, I kind of disappeared for a day or 2…  If you’ve ever read my bio you know that I’m a student (and a graduate assistant), work full time and run a business …  Any who, I had some research due yesterday so I spent all of the day before yesterday and yesterday finishing it.  Like, I didn’t even go to bed the day before!  Nonetheless, I’m back and will probably have to keep a tighter schedule so it won’t affect you guys (in the event it did), lol.

Through my busyness I was still able to ship orders.  I actually had a lot of them yesterday.  Last week I told you guys that I would have OPI’s newest collection San Francisco in by Tuesday and it’s now available and selling very quickly.  I will probably have to restock very soon.
Also, when you purchase don’t forget the 15% off code: NAIL POLISH

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