Friday, May 31, 2013

They're Here: SHOP Essie's Neon Collection & OPI's Minnie Mouse Nail Lacquer Collection

SHOP Essie's & OPI's newest Collections at $7 (a piece of course, lol).  And don't forget your 15% off code: NAILPOLISH!


Guess What This Weekend Is???

It's finally here...well, almost, lol.  If you're in the Jackson-Metro area, be sure you come out!  The rain won't hurt you :)

Annnd, since I just started my "street style" page, I should find a lot at this event...

Also, I plan to take more pictures than the ones of my nail polish, lol.

For more info, click here!

This article was proof read and corrected by my Mom, lol.

My Results from Naptural 85's No Fuss Quick Summer Beach Curls!

Ok, so every since I posted this vid, I've been itching to try it!

First off, let me tell you that I did this all wrong, lol.  I left both the conditioner and oil in my hair, lol.  And I only did six twists and knots :( I just knew I remembered all the steps but I didn't!

My results...

FRIZZ CITY & SHRINKAGE! But, it's supper soft, lol. Next time, I will follow directions...

Oh, and I used the following products:

If you didn't catch it the first time around, watch below!

Ask CurlyNikki: How Do I Add Fullness to My Hair?

Read here!

Perfect Winged Liner Every Time Tutorial

Mothering Type 3 & 4 Curly Kids

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Olive Oil Revisited: African Pride's Olive Miracle Growth Oil for SHAVING!

Within the last month or so, I posted about African Pride's Olive Miracle Growth Oil for Oil Rinsing and as I listed in the benefits, this oil is great for skin too.  I usually apply it to my arms and legs while still mildly wet, right out the shower (TMI).  Any who, for whatever reasons, I decided to shave with it!  OMG!  My skin felt so wonderful after.  It was super smooth and of course, moisturized.  Has anyone ever tried shaving with oil?  It's too AMAZING!

You can buy it, here!

Review: Dermablend's Quick-Fix Concealer SPF 30

Told you guys I needed a few days before I was able to give a good review of Dermablend.  After a few days of using this, I'm going to have to say I like it a little better than MAC's concealer.  Why?  It not only covers dark marks but it does a good job of minimizing bumps and scars.

However, when using Dermablend, it takes me longer to blend the concealer.  Also, to maximize it's benefits, you should allow the concealer to sit for a few minutes (before you blend or add powder).  Also, I belive using moisturizer and primer helps too.  I use Murad's Oil-Control Mattifier SPF and MAC's Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer SPF 35.  And, yes it does make a difference.  And, yes they are costly but last for a while.  I replace these like every 6 months...

Any who, I took some of this convo to Reddit.  I wanted to know if people prefer MAC or Dermablend, read here for their response.  I actually really like Reddit, are any of you on there?

So, depending on how long Dermablend lasts, it will probably be my new concealer... Oh, and I'm going to repost a picture of myself so you can determine if Demablend gave me good coverage. 

Note: I have really terrible skin right now.  My Esthetician (person who does facials) stated that it appears I'm going through hormonal changes.  I have dark marks allllll over my face and a ton of bumps...
Read my original post about Dermablend, here!

Green House Effect Tutorial

Read about this on a natural hair forum yesterday, check it out...

Essie Summer 2013 Collection Swatches

Had to post this one, I'm glad she reviewed it because it will be available in my store in a few days!  Read here reviews, here!
Side note: Mines retails for $7 bucks and I still have a few bottles from the Essie Resort Collection left!

Beauty Bag It: 5 Must-Have Products For Shiny Hair

While I do not discriminate on how individuals wear their hair, if they are going to entitle this article "5 Must-Have Products For Shiny Hair," the first photo should be someone with real hair, lol.  Fake hair is always shiny, lol.  Well, I think...  Any who, beggars can't be choosy, read here!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Blog/Store Updates & Product Chat

First, you may have noticed that I removed the social icons...AGAIN!  But, I'm trying to make some smaller ones; preferably black and square.

Next, I'm going to work on giving my store a face lift over the next week or so; however, products are still available.  Another thing, I just ordered two new collections which should be available by this weekend.  It's OPI's Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection & Essie's Neon Collection.  Although retailers typically sale this for 8 or 9 bucks, mines are 7!

Lastly, I'm considering It Work's BodyWraps... It'll be nice to get a little assistance with my summer weight loss.  My issue, I don't want to show y'all my before and after pics, lol.  To most, I probably have a great figure but not many know how hard I suck my stomach in! Lol.  However, I'll keep you posted..

Hair Growth Using Monistat 7: Before Snap

Just wanted to show you my before pic (so I can honestly document hair growth).  And, I know the natural hair police will say hair grows naturally at certain speeds with certain inches but I feel mines has been going a little slow or is at a standstill.

Also, it probably doesn't help that I've been blowing my hair out to reduce shrinkage but this summer I probably won't do it.  The humidity is shrinking my hair so much it doesn't matter at this  Also, my hair is to my collar bone but like I said...SHRINKAGE!


Taking Down Bantu-Knots


For more, click here!

Learn This Summer-Perfect Colorblock Manicure

Very very complex little ladies...DIY here! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Product FYI: Dermablends Quick-Fix Concealer SPF 30

I follow Destiny Godley on YouTube, Instagram & Tumblr (that was a mouthful) and she recently posted that she will be doing a video on her Dermablend haul.  And, because I was low on concealer, I thought I should purchase this.  I typically use, MAC. 
Any who, I remember the commercials of the old lady using this to cover her spider veins so I knew it should work on my dark marks...
According to Dermablend:
"A lightweight formula with high purity pigments, Dermablend Quick-Fix® Concealer offers a smooth, blendable texture with long lasting wear. For moderate to major localized skin flaws, Dermablend Quick-Fix® Concealer provides buildable coverage that won’t enhance the appearance of wrinkles or pores. Delivers all day hydration that leaves skin soft and comfortable. Available in 10 shades."
This product retails for 24 bucks.  I bought mines in "brown" and my first time using it was yesterday.  I'm going to try it a few more days before providing a review.  For more info, reviews and to shop, click here!

No Fuss Quick Summer Beach Curls! Natural Hair

Although my hair is half this length, I'm going to try it!

40+ Braids to Inspire Your Summer Hairstyle

Braids & I have a hate, love relationship.  On one, I love them buuut I have a small head, lol.  Enough about me, read here!

Secret Beauty Ingredient: Coconut Oil

Read here!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Manibeaux Mondays

My nails in L.A. Colors: Daisy

Nails from the web (these are not mines nor do I have links to the originals because...I was too lazy last night, lol).

Blogging Evolution

As I've tried to evolve as a blogger, there are some things I've implemented (or in the process of doing so):
  • First, it's very important for me to develop my own, original posts.  Although I don't do this full-time, I want this blog to evolve and sustain.
  • I'm working on vlogging.  I didn't consider (for whatever reason) that expensive cameras come with a lot of buttons (and I don't know what any of those buttons mean), lol.  I mean, it literally took me a week to snap a picture. It just got real...
  • Starting today, I will be implementing "Manibeaux Mondays."  For some of you who cannot pronounce my blog's pronounced (gum-bow).  So, by now you should have gathered that I've combined manicure with the blog's name.  I mean everyone has Manicure Monday's and Manicure Madness.  Any who, this will allow me to show off my color of the week along with any favorites I've liked over the weekend ... Side note:  Every week I will be rocking L.A. Colors until I'm done with them.  I think I have about 6 more colors.
  • And, as I discussed last week, I will be doing Street Style.  Hopefully, I will be able to upload more than 1 picture a week, lol.
If you have any suggestions, give me a holla!

Hendrick Brun

On Instagram, I posted a pic regarding my growing spike collection (a pair of sandals and my favorite boots).  A person by the name of "Henrick Brun" liked my pic and being the person I am, I looked through all of their stuff and found out that they were a shoe designer, a celebrity shoe designer!  If you haven't noticed...I don't know if there a female or male yet, lol.

Any who, this line is def for the adult.  I mean, the design is for grown women (and so are the prices, lol).  Also, I just had to post a favorite.  The colors makes me think it can transition into all seasons...  Can someone buy these for me, please? Lol.  Shop more looks, here!

Sheela - Grey Wedge Bootie $149.95

Side note: you can follow me on instagram, here!

Chunky Side Twist Out

New Summer Wet and Go Regimen For Fine Hair

Read here!

Friday, May 24, 2013


For some of you who don't know, I am located in Jackson, Mississippi.  Eck, that was tough saying, lol.  Further, Jackson and I are frienemies... Actually, I hate the bitch! Lol.  Being raised in such an eccentric and exciting city such as New Orleans and transitioning to Jackson has been hard.  How hard?  I've been here for 10 years and act like I just arrived yesterday, lol.  Any who, I have about one more year until I complete my coursework which means I have one more year here (yes, I've been in school here for 10 years)!  But, while I'm here, I'm going to try to make it my best year because frankly, I've spent the last 10 years bitching about how much I hate it here and how I can't wait to move.

What am I getting at?  Every major city has a "street style" blog and I haven't seen one in Jackson.  Just because Jackson is located in Mississippi, it doesn't mean there aren't any fashion forward individuals.  Plus, I need to use this expensive new camera I bought :)  Any who, this weekend (hopefully) I will be introducing a new page entitled "Street Style" on this blog.  Hopefully, people will allow me to take pictures of them, lol.

Hair Growth Using...WHAT?!

I don't know how I found about this but it appears that people are using Monistat 7 for hair growth!  Yes, you heard right...VAGINA CREAM for hair growth!

According to this article, "It appears to help hair grow by ensuring your scalp is healthy and free of fungal infections that might inhibit growth."  Or, you can read a bunch of posts and reviews, here!
And let me tell you, I'm a PhD student so believe me when I tell you I spent hours reading about this and saw only ONE opposing article...

For proof, watch the below video.  She actually posted before and after pics! know this means I'm going to try it, right?  After reading tons of articles I do want to provide the following warnings:
  • One side effect appears to be headaches (but I think that's for people who don't mix the monistat with anything)
  • Apply only to your scalp!
  • Mix Monistat with some type of oil or moisturizer (I plan to mix mines with olive oil and Liv Creme Hair Dressing & Conditioner)
I also read that Jamaican Black Castor Oil promotes hair growth.  According to some info on Amazon, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, "adds extra moisture to your hair and seals it in."  It can also be used for skin issues, aches and pains, as hair protein and conditioner, and to add nutrition to hair.  It retails for $9.50 to $12.49 on Amazon.  I'm probably going to try that out too.

Well ladies, happy hair growth!

The Best Lip Crayons For the Perfect Pout

Haven't gotten into lip crayons let but I may have to try it!  Read here!

10 Memorial Day Manicures For the Weekend

Guys, you know how I feel about holiday nails...I hate them!  But, because it's not always about me, I'll give you one post.  That's it! Lol.

For more, click here! 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Shop Pink Gumbeaux

It's Spring and its the perfect time for brights and pastels.  Shop Pink Gumbeaux for the latest colors and brands: OPI, Essie, China Glaze Textures, Kleancolor, Shany & Matte!

Coming Soon: Essie's Neon 2013 Collection & OPI's Minnie Mouse Collection!

An Alternative to MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish: Milani Baked Blush

So, I know that MAC is the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega of  Hell, most of my makeup is from MAC.  Any who, I decided I needed some bronzer.  Hadn't used any in a couple of years.  So I passed by MAC and the makeup artist recommend Mineralize Skinfinish (A62) which retails for 30 bucks.  Well, I decided I didn't feel like spending 30 bucks on blush and thought it would be great to find an alternative for myself and my readers.  I passed through Ulta and skipped over to Target. 

While at Target, I thought I would get something from e.l.f. but thought Milani's Baked Blush in Bellissimo Bronze (06) looked like the exact same thing.  See for yourself...

The only difference is that their camera is better than mines, lol.  I plan to do an actual review whenever I use it and learn this super technical camera.  As I stated before, I bought it from Target for $6.99 but you'll also see it at your local drugstores. 

Nail Polish Craving: L.A. Colors

I guess you can say I've been having a craving for L.A. Colors lately.  I wore the pink again this week... Pictured below.

Also, I think it's important to know that I've had this on since Sunday with no chips.  Any who, I went to Dollar General and purchased the below for $1 each.

I tried to take pictures of the names but you'll probably have to click on the pic to zoom in...

Dollar General is the only place I've seen it for a dollar and unfortunately, it doesn't appear that you can buy it online.  Gotta head to the store ladies...

I've seen it at other stores for as high as $4 but it's typically in hues that you will not see in a dollar store. 

Side note:  The one to your far left (in neon orange) was already in my collection.  That's probably why there is no label for the name.

Creme Brulee is goooood

Dare to wear: spring's cutting-edge vests

I guess vests are OK, it's the sweater vests that are my here!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My First Ipsy Bag

First, I want to let you know that this post should have been a vlog; however, I have 12 takes of me laughing hysterically.  I had to fire my boyfriend as my camera man, clearly we don't work well together, lol.

Mail packaging looks great, right? Lol.

Then I open it and see this shit interesting looking bag... Who the hell picked out these colors and patterns?  I felt like I was in the 70s for a second...

So the contents of this bag includes the following:
  • Zoya Nail Polish in Gie Gie
  • Anastasia's Clear Brow Gel
  • Pacifica's Island Vanilla Roll-On
  • Mirabella Lipstick in Daydream
  • Yaby's Concealer Buff
For 10 bucks a month, I think this is a great deal because this stuff is probably worth more than 50 bucks.

Sign up for ipsy, here!

Pros and Cons of Long Natural Hair | What To Expect

Fashion Brand Bongo Heads to the Beauty Aisle

Side note:  We don't even have a KMart out Oh well...

Stila After Glow Lip Color


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cheap Cheap Cheap: Walmart's Pure Ice

Ok, so Pure Ice is nothing new.  It has to be number 1 or 2 on my top list of cheap nail polishes.  I used to have a lot of them but I don't visit Walmart that much which is the only reason I haven't bought any lately...

Spit Fire

Creme Flirt Alert

Creme Wild Thing

The bottle is a little small (5 Fl Oz) but it's not like you'll run out right  This brand typically retails for $1.98 + tax and is only available in their stores.  Take a look, here!


Click here!


Yea so I think I may do this...

DIY, here!

Lucienne Francois Custom Blend Cosmetics

Hmmm...this is pretty interesting.  According to McKenzie Renae, "Lucienne Francois is a talented business woman who specializes in Custom Blend Cosmetics."  Read here!

Or you can go straight to the site, here! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring Sale

Don't forget about the Spring Sale Pink Gumbeaux has going on....NOW!  Shop OPI, Essie, China Glaze Textures, Matte Nail Polish, Shany, Kleancolor & Nail Accessories!!!

Shop NOW!

3 WAYS To Dry Nail Polish Faster

Maintaining Your Natural Hair While Exercising

The Glam Bar

OK, I think this will be my last Atlanta post.  I was actually on a tour when I passed this place and decided to google it.  The Glam Bar is listed as both a beauty and nail salon.  I looked through some of their pics and it looks like an awesome place.  Wish I could have got my nails done :(

Check out a couple of photos below...


The 6 Types of People in Line at Urban Outfitters

If you didn't know, Urban Outfitters is my favorite store in the whole wide world.  I thought this was a very funny and accurate article, read here!

Edgewood Retail District

I'm going to give an honorable mention to Atlanta's Edgewood Retail District.  Found this area due to my little bro wanting to visit a book store.  Yes, out of all the things to do an Atlanta, he wanted to go to a book store...  Any who, I would consider this area a one stop shop for a family of four.  You can go grocery shopping, buy a cup cake and some ice cream, get a hair cut or maybe some new glasses.

But, what is worth mentioning is the few boutiques they have.

The first store I walked into was Sole Shoes & Accessories.

The prices are slightly more than I would pay but the store carries unique pieces so it may be worth it if you know you won't see it any where else...

Photo via What Now Atlanta

The next store I visited was Demure.  This boutique is similar to the above one but it carries more accessories and clothes rather than shoes.  The sales person was hilarious too. 


Photo via the Buzz Blog

I would like to give a shot out to the Beehive (who sells handmade and modern items from locals).  They closed at 7... Who closes at 7? Lol.

Another place I ran across was Beauty Works. According to their site, their services include threading, waxing, lashes and facials.

Well guys, there you go.  The next time you visit Atlanta, this and the previous posts should help you with your shopping experience.

Side note: I had to been sick because I didn't buy anything!

Hellos and Excuses

Do you like my title? Lol.  I was not on my blogging very well last week.  Partly because I was a little busy with my conference and I was under the weather.  Currently, I'm trying to get a little blogging in before I head to the Doctor's office.  Been having a little chest ache and I'm pretty sure I have Pneumonia or something like that...

Update: I have Bronchitis and Upper Respiratory Infection :(

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tall, Fierce & Fashionable

All crap, I wish I was here to see this...

Street Fashion Presented by Atlanta Street Fashion

If you haven't noticed, I haven't got around to discussing Atlanta's fashion scene.  I honestly don't see anything unique (besides the woman with the gold head from the Atlanta Cupcake Factory).  Any who, I thought you could get a feel for their style from the Atlanta Street Fashion Blog.

Highland Corridor/Poncey-Highland

I ended up on this side of this town because I was trying to locate the closest Urban Outfitters to my hotel.  The location of UO is so cool because it appears to be apart of a former movie theatre (the urban planner in me is getting turned on...)

Because all of the parking spots were full, I had to pay for parking. When I pay for parking, I dont stick around long, lol.
Picture via City Search
So, after being there for 5.4 minutes, I wanted to locate a restaurant...I was starving.  After driving a few blocks, this neighborhood also reminded me of Uptown New Orleans and their Magazine St.  After further research, I found out that this location wasn't too far from Little Five Points.
Any who, I ate at Fellini's Pizza and it was awesome!  They sale pizza by the slice so it's my kind of place.  Plus, a bottle of water and slice of pepperoni came up to 4 bucks and some change!
After I left, I made the block and visited a strip of stores.  The first, Young Blood Boutique.  If I were rich, I would buy the entire store.  According to their site, its "an an essential resource for both regional and national artists."  It included cool art pieces, jewelry, wallets and handbags.
I walked into another weird boutique that wasn't worth mentioning (sleeeesh, sorry).  I then wrapped up my little boutique tour at the Atlanta Cupcake Factory where a woman with a painted gold head and face served my brother and I cupcakes.  Notice, I didn't link it...  That means they kind of...sucked. 
I'm being really harsh today, lol.
And, another honorable mention: Shear Love.  I thought it was a store but it was a swanky salon.
Photo via Shear ATL

Little Five Points

Yesterday, I talked about visiting Little Five Points and an hour or so after posting, I made it there. I would like to first say that parking is awful...  As I was paying for parking an officer was writing a ticket.  It's like, "can I pay first?"

Any who, this place reminds me of Magazine Street in New Orleans... There are vintage and trendy boutiques fused with tattoo and music shops along with restaurants and coffee shops.

Although I saw that some stores opened at 11, apparently most open at 12 or 1 so I was only able to walk into a few which included:

Cherry Bomb

This was actually my favorite store annnnd, you can shop it online.  You're welcome :)
Rag-O-Rama was another cool place.  Their motto: Buy-Sell-Trade
P.S. There's another location in Columbus, Ohio
Then I stepped into Bang-On Custom T-Shirts.  This is not a store but it does allow you to create your own t-shirt designs.  They ship all over the U.S. and in Canada.
Apparently, I also walked into Envy but...I don't remember.  I went into too many stores yesterday.  I'll let y'all check that out on your own, lol.
Side note: their website is weird...
Last and least was Karma Boutique
Nope...that's all I have to
Honorable mention goes to the Pink Zebra Boutique for being CLOSED!  Guess they needed to sleep in, lol.
At the end of the day, I think this area offers something for everyone.  Regardless of my "hating," lol.
Oh yea, I also made it over to Atlantic Station but I only visited H&M, Dillards and DSW shoes. 

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