Tuesday, April 30, 2013

#NailCall: Summer Blues and 3D Nail Art

More nail art I can try and miserably fail at, lol. For more, click here!

April 2013 ispy Bag

Never heard of this but may have to sign up :)  Or not, you know I'm flakey, lol.  Watch below!

Review: MAC Wipes

Now, I may be coming late to this game but..I'm here.  After a host of cheap wipes I've made it to the motherland, lol. 


The Review:

I only used one wipe (front and back) to remove my makeup.  After, my face looked clean and felt really really moisturized!  But, that didn't impress me :/  The real test was when I washed my face and to see if there would be any makeup residue on my face wash brush.  Drum roll...THERE WAS NONE!  Which means, I get a deeper cleaning because all of the crap is already removed.

My recommendation:  Get it, if you think it's feasible... For years, I never used any makeup removers over 7 bucks, as a result, I always got the same results.  For 20 bucks, you get 45 wipes but for $29, you get 100 (which actually makes more sense, lol).  I think it's worth it for any person who wears a full face of makeup.  If you don't, stick to the cheapies!  To shop or read a few reviews, click here!

Shoe Junkie: 7 Spring-Ready Heels

Monday, April 29, 2013

My Weekend: A Review

Another weekend, more purchases, no real reasons to purchase any of them, lol.  But first, a little something different. 

As some of you may know, I am a PhD student.  So, trying to balance a full-time job, be a student, and be involved in a host of other ventures is challenging and I often wonder if I am fulfilling the duties of a "future scholar."  Well, last week, I learned that I am.  I received three awards: PhD Student of the Year, Scholastic Achievement and the Advancement of Student Organizations!  Now, to more pressing issues...this weeks purchases, lol.

I kind of but didn't really need another iPad case and I saw this one on sale for $24 at Dillards so..I bought it.  This neon color will be great for the Spring and Summer!

Also, I was in need of a new makeup remover since I go through my others fairly quickly (I typically use two pads every night).  Any who, I thought I was going to find some cheap ones but decided to buy them from MAC since their makeup is so difficult to remove, lol.  It retailed for $20, yikes!  But, I do get 45 wipes.  I haven't tried them yet but will probably have a review tomorrow morning.  Next, are Kiss's Nail Stickers.  I have a classmate that swears by them and I know they must be worth something because she's been rocking them for a year.  I purchased them for 3 bucks at Dollar General, will also post about those but maybe next week since this weeks look is me attempting the picture frame...again.  So, that last item is polish remover wipes.  I didn't dare try them to remove last week's textured polish because that is an 100% acetone type of situation, lol. 
Side note:  I'm not sure why this picture insist on facing sideways, lol. Oh, and my nails.  I used Shanay polish and art brush (04) which are both neon pinks and no longer available because I bought them from my store, lol.  The middle area is in OPI's Sparrow me the Drama
I will perfect this look, lol!

I Shaved Off ALL My Hair

I think I posted why she wants to shave her hair off but in the event I didnt't, watch below!

I Need an iPhone Purse!

So, this past week I was out way more than I should have been's  finals.  Because I sold all of my clutches (to consignment), I had every intention to buy more but haven't got around to doing so.  Any who, I thought it would be cool to have an iPhone purse because I could throw my phone, ID and my debit card in there.  Although I haven't purchased one yet, below are my current picks.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Multifunction Case (via Dillards), $88.00

Friday, April 26, 2013

Product Convo

Hey guys,

While searching for YouTube videos to post today, I ran across a commercial of Dark & Lovely Au Naturale.  Apparently, this came out in January but after my Garnier fiasco, I really don't want to try any new products.  It claims to reduce shrinkage but in the commercial, her hair was longer in the prewash, lol.  This probably works well for women who have looser curls.  Any who, I would like to reduce the amount of heat I'm putting in my hair so I'm actually considering a weave...pause...pause a few seconds longer, lol.  My mom wants to get one too so we may get them together at our salon, in New Orleans.  But, I'm scary so don't be surprised if I don't go through with it, lol.

In other news, I re-polished my nails because this is finals and I needed to relive some stress.  I used China Glaze Texture's Unrefined, again but I used it on my real nails this time.  Side note: the nail polish never chipped (after 5 days) but I like polishing my nails so almost never have the same color or polish on for a week. 

If you're in the Jackson-Metro Area (of Mississippi), I will be at 3 vendor events this summer (which reminds me I need to pay those fees, now)!  I'll provide more info once I'm confirmed.

Lastly, free shipping is available until the end of April.  After, there will be a fee for shipping but all orders over 15 bucks will receive 15% off (which kind of takes care of the shipping, lol).  Shop now!

Have a great weekend!

Peter Som x Zoya: An $8 Version Of His Spring RTW Line

I may have to try out that tie dye nail polish... Read more, here!

Find Out the Tools Nail Art Pros Use

One day y'all gone look up and find that I've quit school and my job to be a full time nail artist, lol.  Click here!

The 6 best spring nail polish colors

I've come to realize that every color is the best color for  Click here!

For Your Man: Style terms every man should know

This is for the 1.5 guys that read my blog or the women who have to dress their man, read here!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

PG Nail Polish Boutique's Poll

Hey guys, right above you is  a poll.  I know what I like but I want to ensure I have what you like in my store.  So far, I've sold out of the OPI's Bond Girl Collection and I've sold a lot of nail polish accessories.  I've also noticed that you like bright colors.  Participate in the poll or comment on this post, let me know what you like!

P.S. Free shipping and handling for the month of April! Shop, NOW!

10 Best Eye Shadows Under $10

Stretch Natural Hair With A Blow Dryer (Diffuser & Nozzle)

The best new websites to score fashion deals

Studio 35 Beauty: Fashion Nail Foils

My sweet sweet Walgreens, lol.  I saw these last week and decided to post about it.  You know I'm funny about nail polish stickers but I have never tried them so, I digress.  They retail for $6 and some change and they honestly have some fun prints.  OK, so I may have to try them, lol.  Visit your local Walgreens or check out the nail stickers and other Studio 35 products, here!
Photo via Steph's Closet

Spring's sexiest new nail polish trends

"Nails are the best way to test-drive the latest trends—you can sample them without having to commit to a head-to-toe look."  Read more, here! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

DIY Pearl & Safety Pin Necklace

I hope you're not giving me the side eye but I thought it was cool, lol. DIY here!

Tutorial: How To Fake A Blow Out! | No Heat ♢ #NaturalHair

Wal-Mart Revamps Its Beauty Department

I bet I'm going to see a few of you in there, lol.  Read here!

Five toxic female archetypes for men to avoid

For the 2.5 guys who read my blog, click here!

My Guest Blogger

Did you like my guest blogger?  I'm going to locate both her article and piece (strange clouds) to your upper left for the remainder of the month or so.  Check out some of her art work too! 

Thanks guys,

Monday, April 22, 2013

You Are Living Art (Guest Blogger: AVM)

Hey My Loves!!!

            I am AVM (Ashley Vignaud Marshall), the artist, owner, and operator of A.V.M. Living Art!  I feel honored and priviledged to be a guest blogger on Pink Gumbeaux!  Ashlee, the brains and beauty behind this operation, is one of the eclectic, smartest yet coolest people I know.  Ashlee’s personal unique, individual style and passion for fashion and nail polish is definitely naturally expressed through Pink Gumbeaux. 
             Painting, drawing, coloring (going back to my primative childhood days), writing, has always been my creative expression.  Looking back at it, it has been there my entire life.  Art has been the major constant in my life; art is the unshakable, unchangeable, unalienable aspect, characteristic of who I am.

 I believe art is not limited nor confined to just painting with a brush, painting on canvas, drawing on paper.  Art is everywhere and within everyone waiting, sometimes patiently or impatiently, to be released and expressed.  Art is in a poem, it is in a person’s style, the clothes they wear, the style of their hair, their words, their music, and/or their website. Art is in photography; art is a way of seeing. Art is the organization of one’s home, interior design, gardening, designing, drafting, plastering, architechture,  animation, manufacturing.  Art is everything that at one point in time did not exist, which now exists.  Art is in a book.  Art is on the radio.  Art is a person’s gift.  Art is in the playing of an instrument.  Art is a person’s purpose.  Art is in a smile, it is in a hug, it is in spoken words, it is in thoughts, it is in love.  Art is giving one’s Self.  Art is natural self-expression and its impact is magnified through love and positive vibes.  Everyone is an artist.  Everyone is specially created. Everyone needs art. Everyone is a creative being. You are Living Art.  

Much Love, ;)



Review: Hask Placenta Leave-In Instant Conditioning Treatment

I was looking for some oils to spray in my hair after my wash and before styling and ran across Hask Placenta Leave-In Instant Conditioning Treatment (w/ Olive Oil). Basically, it moisturizes damage hair. I knew I would love it because I used the little oil tubes before. My hair is great today (I’ll try posting pics later). Also, I’m throwing out that Garnier leave-in, lol. This product retails for $5 and some change, shop here!  Oh, and to learn more about the benefits of placenta, read here!

My Weekend: A Review

First, I would like you to know that I will be having a guess blogger every month (hopefully).  My guest bloggers will be experts in the fields of art, beauty and fashion.  Today, I will have one of my closest friends talk about art.  I’ve known her for about 10 years and she’s an awesome artist but an even better person.  She is one of the most positive people I know and I am so proud of her (she’s an attorney too if you need any help), lol.

Ok, getting to some new things I tried this weekend… I was feeling very stiletto nails so I purchased Nailene’s 200 Full Cover Nails (which came with glue) and Permatex Super Glue.  Don’t be alarmed by my use of super glue, it has the same chemicals as nail glue I just wanted to ensure a stronger hold.  Also, I put on a basecoat before I put on the glue and nails (which can be removed with acetone nail polish remover).  The nails were $5 while the pack of glue was $0.97.  I’m not going to link these brands because you can buy them anywhere and you may find them cheaper at dollar stores.  I bought mines from Walmart.  Overall, this is way cheaper than what a salon would cost you so I recommend you try it out.  For my first time putting on nails, it wasn’t a bad experience. 
First, I did a nude with pink accents (nail art polish bought from my store) but then I wanted to go bolder with China Glaze Texture’s Unrefined (also bought from my store).  OK, so it’s kind of hard to determine which textured polish I like most but, here goes: OPI is more subtle (is that the word I want to use? Lol), Zoya is great but their bottles are smaller which means less polish, and China Glaze is a more aggressive texture but dries quicker and has more spring and summer colors.  I sale both OPI and China Glaze textured nail polishes in my store.  I only have 5 bottles of OPI left!



Prom Nails: 15 Ideas For Your Perfect Manicure

Couldn't forget about my little sisters, read here!

Top 4 Favorite Liquid Foundations

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hellooo Saturday!

Hey Guys,

Thanks to everyone who participated in Happy Hour!  I will probably host another in a couple of weeks or so.  So, I still have a handful of OPI Bond Girl's Collection.  Still have a lot of everything else (Essie, China Glaze, Cleancolor, Shanay, and nail accessories).  Shop here!

If you haven't noticed, it's a video day.  I saved a boat load and a few of my favs or posted below.

Side note: I'm trying to shed a few pounds and it starts with my eating habits. I've been eating like a vulture and I blame school! Lol.  Any who, I bought some plain romaine salad (because I'm a picky eater), I plan to eat it with chicken and shredded cheese.  A few minutes ago I made tuna casserole (tuna, pasta and cheese) and placed some romaine lettuce on the side and pinched a little Cajun seasoning on it and it was soooo good.  I'm not a salad dressing type of girl and it doesn't really make any sense to eat salad with a boat load of dressing (because it has a lot of calories). But, don't judge me for my love of diary products, I will never let cheese go :)

Lastly, I bought a few things, tried a few things but I will probably post it in my "weekend review," Monday.  Also, I'm going to have a guest blogger (super excited)!

Fade Dark Spots

Natural Hair | Ultra Fab Updo!

Have to try this, this weekend!

tural Hair | How to Combat Hard Water + Dry Weather

Trend for dudes: Man polish?

I giggle as I post this... I wish I would tell any man (including the gay men I know) and they actually take it seriously... Read here or just go ahead and shop for your man, here!

Friday, April 19, 2013

It's Happy Hour!

Well...almost.  Today is the day I will be hosting Happy Hour, central time.  Receive 10% off + free shipping and handling!  International buyers must purchase at least $25 worth of goodies.  Free gift to the first buyer that purchases $15 worth of nail polish and accessories.  Don't forget to use the code!

Shop now or shop later!

Guys' take on: Your spring outfits

Presenting once again, guys take on stuff we don't want their opinion on.  Read here!

Mansome 156: How Should A Men Smell?

Had to post this, lol.  Watch here!

I ❤ Nail Art

Ok, so who's going to have the balls to enter this contest?

15 Spring Nail Trends To Try

Sinful Colors Sure Bet

When I was in Walgreens yesterday, I noticed this new display.  It seems to have some type of equestrian theme with colors that will transition through all seasons.  As always, it retails for $1.99.  I love this brand because while I don't have proof...I'm pretty sure they re-release the same colors under different themes and displays, lol.  Sinful Colors has to be among my favorite nail polishes.  It's long lasting and...CHEAP! Lol.  Any who, it should be available at your local drug stores, Walmart, etc.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

OPI Bond Girls Collection

I only have one of each left!  Each retails for $7 (which is cheaper than your popular stores), shipping and handling is FREE, and all international orders must be at least $25.  The first to purchase $15 of nail polish and or nail accessories will receive a FREE gift!  Shop, NOW!

FYI: Wet & Wild Sale at Walgreens!

A friend told me there was a sale on Wet & Wild products in Walgreens.  This sale appears to be at all Walgreens locations and online.  All products are on sale with a second product 50% off.  It's like a discounted, discount, lol.  Visit your local store or shop, here!

I’m on Social Media!

I’m on every social media available, lol. I’ll probably have more badges completed by the end of this week. Any who, check me out on the following:
If you’ve ordered from my store, be sure to write a review on Yelp!

DIY Embroidered Sunglasses

DIY, here!

Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Nude Nail Polishes

Click here!

12 Nude Lip Colors for Spring

Read here!

How To Wear Leggings

Do you see those lime heels?  Love them!  Read more, here!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Everybody Loves Happy Hour!

Just a quick reminder!  Also, don't forget that Happy Hour will be hosted during central time.

My Attempt At the Picture Frame Nails

Inspired by Charolette Ronson's "Picture Frame Nails," I decided to attempt this last night and...I failed, lol.  I'll give myself a D- for effort but, I plan to keep them like this until Sunday and try again.  So there's that picture and then there's...
Mine, lol.

To purchase the colors I used (or others), shop here!  Below, is the perfect tutorial.

378| Lusters Teeth Whitening Review & Demo

Clinique Launched A Nail Polish Line Safe For Sensitive Skin

Very interesting... I do like their products so I may try it out.  Read more, here!

10 prettiest colors for spring

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Product Review: Luichiny Trans Form Wedge Sandal

OK guys, I've been waiting to do this review FOREVER but the crazy weather hasn't allowed me to do so.  Well, here goes...

Red August sent me the Luichiny Trans Form Wedge Sandal and it's awesome...  What else did you expect?  Lol.  The leather crisscross straps paired with the dark brown symmetrical wedge and back zipper makes these sandals a chic look for any occasion.
Usually, I only wear my feet out to work on Fridays but this design can easily transition into work wear.  And, another thing: they are very very comfortable!  If I'm wearing them all day at work, you know their comfortable... 
So, besides this being the perfect wedge, it's the perfect price.  It's currently on sale for $40!  Shop Luichiny Trans Form Wedge Sandal OR you can shop Red August's accessories, shoes and handbags, here!


About the Happy Hour

You guys may have noticed the Happy Hour poster I posted yesterday and it's also to your left.  So, let me give you some details:

  • Shipping & handling is FREE for the month of April (international orders must be at least $25.00)
  • All products will be 10% off!
  • Happy hour will be hosted during Central Time Zone (North America) 

But, you don't have to wait, shop now!

$2 vs $32 Concealer

The 10 prettiest hair and makeup styles you can wear, according to guys

I don't know if it's me but I never thought their opinion counted, lol.  Read here!

Tribal Nail Art and Bright Accent Nails

8 easy ways to get glowing skin by spring

Monday, April 15, 2013

New Nail Polish!

New nail polishes and cuticle oil has been uploaded to my store!  Brands include: OPI, Essie and China Glaze.  Below, are pics.  Shop here!

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