Tuesday, March 5, 2013

PG Store Update

The nail polishes are being shipped and I should receive them sometime this week.  I also ordered cute animal print nail files.  Because spring is approaching, I’m focusing on bright, classic, and pastel colors.  In addition, I’ll have matte nail polishes and nail art polishes (with the small brushes).  The nail polishes I’ve purchased are good brands but the key to making them better is USING A BASE AND TOP COAT (except for the matte polishes).  By the bold and red print, you can see that not using those two very important steps is my pet peeve.  Women often complain that their nail polish doesn’t last long but when you use a base and top coat, regardless of the nail polish brand, it can last longer than a week. 

Enough ranting, I’m super excited to open this store!  Hopefully, My first event will be at “Six in the City” on March 26th.  
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