Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Weekend: A Review

So…I had to do my posts tonight because I may not have time to do it tomorrow morning (due to my conference).  Any who, this weekend has been hectic and  I’m!  Saturday, I was finally able to purchase nail polish from Zoya’s Pixie Dust Collection.  I opted for the nude…I wasn’t really interested in the other colors plus I wanted a nude for the conference (so I could look professional and whatnot)…   I do like this better than OPI’s Liquid Sand.  I also did a little shopping…I bought a poke-a-dot dress for 16 bucks from TJ Maxx and wedged sneakers (thanks Style Blazer) and spiked sandals from Steve Madden.

As far as Sunday, I attended conference sessions all day and scurried to my grandparent’s house so I could polish my nails and practice my presentation for tomorrow…which is what I must do NOW!!!

P.S.   I’ll post pics of everything I discussed in the post when I get back to Jackson (Tuesday or Wednesday).
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