Monday, March 4, 2013

My Weekend: A Review

So…last week I discussed becoming more cultured and on Friday, my boyfriend and I went to New Stage Theatre (located in Jackson, Mississippi) to see a play entitled “Mahalia.” I have to say, I was NOT on my best behavior, lol. The theatre had a good temperature, it was dark and I was full which means I was so comfortable I was sleepy (just like a 5 year old, lol). Overall, the play was good but because I’m a Mahalia fan and am confident that no one can come close to duplicating her (I was not impressed). The actress and supporting staff were great just…not $26 a ticket great :( But, I’m no expert and I don’t recommend you take my word for it, lol.

On Saturday, I visited Ulta to buy Zoya’s Pixie Dust nail polish (which I posted a review from the Polishaholic last week) but…it hadn’t arrived yet. Instead, I opted for OPI’s Liquid Sand in the color “the Impossible.” I wasn’t too thrilled with the little circles and stars (because wearing glitter nails is already pushing it) but I like it. It dries as a matte so that means you can’t use a top coat :(  I wonder how long it will last without a topcoat… Any who, it dried fast. I know this because I bumped my nails several times (about 3 minutes after I applied the second coat). Of course, with glitter polish, it’s easy to peel the access polish from the corners of your nails (if you’re a sloppy polisher). Also, they look more pinkish than red to me but I like them and would recommend their Liquid Sand Collection. I also saw polishes in blue and purple.
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