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Friday, March 29, 2013

It’s the Weekend & Chicago

It’s the weekend…(well at 5, when I'm off from work), it’ll be the weekend for me, lol.  This has been the longest week and usually I’m happy it’s the weekend but when you have a paper due on EASTER SUNDAY and one the day after, it doesn’t matter if it’s Friday or Monday.

Any who, I’ll be in Chicago from April 12th-- April 15th, hanging out.  Let me know what trouble I can get in, what stores should I shop at, what salon I should visit, and are there any dope nail artist?  Super excited, it’s my first time!

Also, I decided to open my online store a bit early, below are my favs!
Neon Nail Art ($3)
How can you go wrong with hot pink and leopard? ($3)

Hot pink matte ($5)

Pink Glitter ($4) 
Gold Glitter, guess I'm have a crush on glitter, lol. ($4)
Shop more than 100 nail polishes and accessories, here!


Styling tricks to hide your muffin top

Oh "sucking your stomach in," is not a styling trick?  Lol.  Read here!

Proclaim Argan Oil Conditioner Review

Secrets to finding crazy-good deals on clothes


101 Fashion Tips and Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Read here!

Pink Gumbeaux Store is OPEN!

So...due to a few situations (like having papers due Sunday and Monday), I decided to upload my stock and get this business going!  I've been taking pictures and uploading since 6PM and its not 1:11AM!!! 

Any who, what do I have in my store? Nail polish (both regular and matte), emery boards, nail polish remover, and nail art polish.  Most colors are bright and neons but I have a few conservative colors for the working gals.  The brands I chose were based on the colors (that I fell in love with) but I will be switching up brands and nail accessories from time to time.

Shop here!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Six in the City: A Quick Review

Six in the City was awesome, made some sales, people’s reception to the nail polish was good, and I did a little networking.  Most importantly, it was cool to meet so many independent, supportive and entrepreneurial women!  Side note: I'm not a nail polish designer (not yet), I just love it enough to sale it :)
Ok, so I probably should have let my boyfriend take pictures because I didn’t do too well which is why I posted the list of vendors.
Oh, and look what I bought from Red August!  24 bucks! I've been feeling very neon lately...

8 Spring Cleaning Tricks for Your Makeup Bag


Essie Sleek Sticks- So Haute! Review

So, I posted on this a while back but never did an actual review but my favorite nail addict did :) 
Teresa (of Red August) and me were just talking about these yesterday.  I actually bought this exact sticker and returned it because I just felt like it would be crap, lol.  Read the review here!

Ciate’s New Chalkboard Manicure Kit

They're at it again! But, chalk board nails?  That may be a little too much for me, lol.  via Styleblazer or visit Ciate'

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Today is the Day!

So…since last night I’ve had a mixture of feelings.  When I was younger, I thought I would be an artist and fashion designer living in the French Quarters of New Orleans… But when I finished high school, I realized that my part time, minimum wage job wouldn’t pay for a damn thing so off to college I went.  I went to college to figure out my next step, I never had any intentions on graduating, obtaining a Masters or even enrolling in a PhD program! I did it because I needed a safety net; I wanted to be more financially stable than my parents and grandparents (who assisted in providing me a great life).  But, the result of focusing on both my education and career at such a young age led me to be very sad…well…kind of depressed…How could I work so hard and only be…here?

I had dreams all my life and realistically I couldn’t afford to follow them.  Plus, fashion, art etc. is kind of saturated.  Everyone is a fashionista, lol.  Then I realized that maybe I can actually do some good with my education… I kind of up’d my volunteer game because I was sick of just casually discussing the issues in my community but doing nothing about it.  In the midst, because I had no creative outlet…I begin polishing my nails.  I had mostly maintained my nails via salon but it became something else.  Nail polish would calm me, entertain me, I would polish like I was creating some type of artwork, lol.  So, when it came to me deciding to turn my blog into an official business and adding an online store…I knew what to do… Sale nail polish!

Although school is a constant headache and I practically hate my job, this blog and this store is something that truly makes me happy! ITS ALL MINES AND IM THE ONE AND ONLY BOSS!  It used to piss me off when people discussed following a dream and if you’re doing something that makes you happy…the money would come.  But, now I’m one of them… I can say I believe the same thing (and this is coming from one of the biggest pessimists on earth). 

So today, I get to unveil my online store as a vendor and Monday, my online store opens.  I am more excited than you could imagine.  Thanks for assisting in my dreams coming true!



What We're Sweet On: A Hair Gel That Also Detangles

Length Check

The do's and dont's of what to do when running into your ex

One don't is to fill your ex's pregnant girlfriend (that he cheated on you with) belly, lol.  But, that's another story. Read here!

For your men: What kind of cologne man are you?

Go ahead and text or email this link to your guy... Read here!

Monday, March 25, 2013

My Weekend: A Review

This weekend I didn’t do much but here goes…

Friday: My boyfriend and I had dinner and then saw “the Great and Powerful Oz” which is an ok movie.  I’m guessing the movie would’ve been better if I were a little tipsy or 15. 

Saturday: I was so excited to wash my hair!  Lol.  This humidity and rain had my hair shrunk to my scalp!!!  While at Sally’s (to purchase nail art stuff) I noticed Curl’s “Passion Fruit Control Paste” and wondered to myself…”why did I stop using this again?”  So, after spending like 30 minutes in Sally’s I ended up buying NO nail stuff and purchasing the Control Paste.  I combined the paste with my moisturizer (Liv’s Hair Dressing) and my braid-out ended up being soft and controlled. 

Sunday: So after talking all that stuff and doing all kind of research on nail art, I ended up just going old school and doing nothing, lol.  So y’all know I bought this color last week from Dollar General and I like the results… it came out super sheer so I had to do 3 coats but I would totally buy more L.A. Colors (maybe I can get them in my store).   Side note: I did use that vinegar tip from the "27 Nail Hacks for the Perfect DIY Manicure" post.

Well, I think I’m ready for my online store debut on Tuesday and then my store opening on the April 1st.  I’ll be sure to post pics!

Brass Knuckle iPhone Case

Saw this on Twitter over the weekend... how cool is it?  A case like this says "I'm tech savvy, bad ass but fashionable" lol.  According to my research, it could be as cheap as 12 bucks and as expensive as 175 but I'm guessing the originators are NUKLES

Egg Yolk Hair Treatment

I do use hair mayonnaise but never tried this here!

27 Nail Hacks For The Perfect DIY Manicure

Could there be...nail tips I didn't know?  I learned a lot, read here!

Hard Candy Nail Polish

Looks like me and the PolishAholic were thinking about the same thing this weekend.  While at Walmart looking for Wah's book of nail art I ran across Hard Candy's yummy display.  It retails for 4 bucks but I didn't buy any especially with over 100 bottles that are ready to be sold in my office, lol.  Any who, PolishAholic has a review, here!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cutest swimsuits of the season, all under $50

Ok, so I go through this every year....about what swimsuit I want and I (a) never buy one and (b) never go swimming (although my boyfriend makes me hop in the reservoir every year- full clothed).  Any who, this pic is my favorite (and so is the price).  For more, click here!

Tim Gunn’s Spring Do’s & Don’ts

And, I'm not going to lie...I did say to myself "these wedged sneakers look dumb on me....I'm returning it (no, actually...I am returning them, today). Lol.

Watch here!

The perfect handbag for every type of job interviews

Those bags may be perfect but the prices aren't, lol.  Take notes and buy a cheaper one :) Click here!

A 10-step plan for finding a good date online

Read here!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Social Media Badges

And God said “let there be social media badges.”  Finally, I figured this crap out!  I honestly was trying to hire a wiz kid to do this because I have been stumped for months and months and months!  They are rather large (at least to me) but they are cute…might I add.  

Any who, it looks like we are now connected…  DISCLAIMER: I actually gave up social media for Lent so I won’t have that much of a presence until March 31st. 
With that being said, "like" my facebook page, tweet me, repin, etc.

Some Blah...

It’s been a long week but I’m glad it’s Friday.  My morning is starting off kind of pissy because my Keurig Coffee machine wasn’t working this morning L Any who, lets chat about a few things…

I know I was bragging about how much I loooove Zoya’s Pixie Dust nail polish but then I saw Essie’s Butter Please.  Isn’t it the perfect blue?  I had other blues like this but the color didn’t pop like Essie’s.  Also, I don’t know if they have a new formula but this dried very quickly…almost like a matte.  I remember when I hated Essie and OPI but when you have a good base and top coats, your nail polish can last over a week (but you guys know I can’t keep polish on that long).

I also bought this neon pink from Dollar General for 1 buck.  Who knew? Lol.  Don’t ask me the color because they don’t have it listed.  I’m guessing it’s too cheap to be named, lol.  Oh, and I also wanted to show y’all my favorite boots…there is bad weather out here so I figured it was the perfect time to wear them.

Also, y’all know I went to the hair salon last week and I wanted to talk about the products she used.  It’s called “As I am” and it’s sold at Sally’s and Walgreens.  She used the whole collection.  After, my hair was soft and I haven’t experienced that much shedding.  I would post a pic but today is "wash day" so it’s looking kind of crazy, lol.  Learn about the product here!

Lastly, while at Urban Outfitters (last week), I noticed Wah’s “Book of Nail Art.”  I love their nail art and have been following them for a couple of years.  I didn’t buy the book because it was 14 bucks :/  But…it’s at Walmart for $6.98.  I’m considering buying a couple and maybe sending it to the first buyer of my online website.  Check out some info on the book here!

366| Big Chop to Now: My Thoughts

10 Under $10: Travel-Sized Beauty Essentials For Spring Vacation

Nail It: 16 Chic Shades for Spring 2013


Hair Hair Hair!

I spent a lot of time researching yesterday; as a result, I ended up with a gang load of articles.  I'm going to group a few of them in this post.  Click on the links!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


A few things...I still love my Zoya's Pixie Dust polish... it has not chipped or showed any signs of doing such.  You know what this means??? It's going to be hard as hell to take this off, lol.  Luckily, I use acetone nail polish remover (I know I know but guess what, it's easier to remove using it). 

Another thing, I am wearing my ear piece today...yes, at a professional environment, lol.  I know people think I'm a demonic voodoo doll (especially since I'm from New Orleans) but I need to bring a little fashion to this bland building.  People are always asking me..."do you have to be different all the time?"  The answer, YES! 

Lastly, I'm thinking about doing some drastic nail art for the unveiling of my online store at "Six in the City" next week... You know, a little glitter...some rhinestones.  Hopefully, it'll last because I will be using my real nails.

How to Make Your Lipstick Last All Day (No Matter Which Brand You Use)

Read here!

Kelly Rowland - Kisses down low Inspired makeup

DIY Shoe Clips

10 Gel Manicure Kits That Don't Come With a Skin Cancer Warning

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What I bought...

I wish I could have named this post the “Shit I Didn’t Need but Bought,” lol.  Any who, I told you guys I would post pictures of everything I bought while in New Orleans for my conference.  So when I posted Sunday, I thought I was done with shopping…WRONG!  I ended up returning to Urban Outfitters and buying a few things.  Below, are pics!

Also, I love this Zoya polish.  It requires no top or base coat (which made me feel uneasy but I got over it).  You only need two coats (each coat takes 10 minuets to dry completely).  I love this texture and it has not chipped.  May go back and buy the others.  It's effortless and trendy :)

10 Hair Accessories

Upsidedown Braid

Look Fancy Without Spending a Fortune

I am going to test this theory...especially, after I blew so much money in New Orleans :(  Click here!

Men reveal 7 biggest first date complaints

Read here!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Weekend: A Review

So…I had to do my posts tonight because I may not have time to do it tomorrow morning (due to my conference).  Any who, this weekend has been hectic and  I’m!  Saturday, I was finally able to purchase nail polish from Zoya’s Pixie Dust Collection.  I opted for the nude…I wasn’t really interested in the other colors plus I wanted a nude for the conference (so I could look professional and whatnot)…   I do like this better than OPI’s Liquid Sand.  I also did a little shopping…I bought a poke-a-dot dress for 16 bucks from TJ Maxx and wedged sneakers (thanks Style Blazer) and spiked sandals from Steve Madden.

As far as Sunday, I attended conference sessions all day and scurried to my grandparent’s house so I could polish my nails and practice my presentation for tomorrow…which is what I must do NOW!!!

P.S.   I’ll post pics of everything I discussed in the post when I get back to Jackson (Tuesday or Wednesday).


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Spring Nail Art That Will Get Your Tips Noticed

For more, click here!

27 Hairstyles to Try This March

For more, click here!

Mixing Prints

Watch here!

Friday, March 15, 2013

I Spy: Nail Rock Nail Caviar

Oh Walgreen's...  Looks like I'm always finding the newest nail trend at Walgreen's.  Any who, this is a cheaper nail caviar alternative that retails for 10 to 11 bucks in the U.S. (depending on the location).  But, for my peeps across the pond (London), it's 6.99.  They have a lot of nail wrap options too.  Besides Walgreen's, you can buy directly from their site...Click here!

ikatehouse unboxing +GIVEAWAY

To shop iKateHouse, click here!

10 Instagrammers To Follow For Natural Hair Inspiration

Thursday, March 14, 2013

10 Isabel Marant Lookalikes this article, the creator of the wedge sneaker is bitching about all the copycats but I'm not posting this for that reason... I'm posting because Style Blazer gave us a list of "lookalikes" for cheap, lol.  Click here!
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