Friday, February 22, 2013

Semi-Haul: Phone Cases

So...I Just got an iPhone 5 last week and as usual...I wanted an awesome phone case.  It's typically hard to find phone cases when the style of the phone is new but, I think I did good.  Here's what I have:

Black Rabito (which I bought online from Nordstrom for $32) and a brown Michael Kors Logo Case (which I bought from Dillards for $34).

It may be considered as a splurge but good phone cases usually run between 28 and 40 bucks (yes, this is what I keep telling myself so I can live with my purchases, lol).  Another logic: It's cheaper than a designer purse :)

And, ignore my boyfriend and I in this pic, lol. Also, that bunny tail allows the phone to be propped up.  Cute, isn't it?  Other than using it for sitting up, I doubt I walk around with a piece of fur attached to my phone.
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