Monday, February 25, 2013

My Weekend: A Review

On Saturday, I volunteered at the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra (via my professor) and it was a pretty cool event. First, this is probably the first time I’ve been around REAL wealthy and cultured individuals. After I completed my role (to disseminate surveys), they invited me to stay and I did. How often does a person get to see this…FOR FREE? Made me start thinking about how “cultured” or well-rounded I am. Obviously, not very much. I spend most of my time between work and school but I will definitely try more. Especially, if it’s for free. Plus, maybe I will bump heads with people who can assist me in getting a REAL job :)

Next, I finally added some sass to my kitchen. I bought both items (flowers and chalk board) from T. J. Maxx. The flowers were $16 and the chalk board was $49.99. I plan on writing recipes and curse words on that board, lol.

Later that day I went to MAC. I needed some more primer but ended up purchasing the primer, a blend brush, and lip gloss. I feel like an adult now because I am no longer blending with my finger! And, it’s a big difference! I barely need any powder. The brush cost $30 but guess what, how often do you buy a brush? I think it’s worth the price. I’m finding that all of MAC’s tools are actually very helpful. I also purchased a lip gloss ($15). I needed an everyday pink. And yes, I did polish my nails to match my gloss. Oh, my nails? I forget the name of the color but I purchased it from Forever 21 for a dollar.

I hope you guys have an awesome week. 

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