Friday, September 28, 2012

Dress to Impress on a Budget

View vid here!

Celebs playful pony tails

View pics here!

The nail-polish color for your zodiac sign

Now y'all know this is going to be the post of the year... My birthday is less than two weeks away (October 12), let's see what my color is... Click here!

10 Reasons Women Need Gal Pals

I am now accepting application for new Read here!

DIY Rhinestone Sliding Knot Bracelet

DIY here!

Crafty Creations: Decorative Tray

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer

So I posted a vid about this but here is some general info. If anyone trys it, let me know and I'll post your review! Read here!

19 Stylish Tights

Don't you just love Fall??? I wonder if I should wear the one with the tiger to work? Click here!

20 Stylish Loafers

What goes around, comes around! Loafers will never be out of style... Click here!


DIY here!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nutrition Update

Ugh :/ So...once I arrived, they made me a FREE shake  (birth cake was the flavor I choose) and took my weight, muscle, BMI, etc.  Apparently, 40% of my body is fat... and my wellness coach suggests that I loose 12 pounds.  We went over a diet (1300 calories a day) and the products.  The products are super expensive so I am probably going to get one or two items.  So once I buy them (on payday because I am broke) I will drink to shakes a day, have two snacks and eat one regular meal a day.  Once I loose the amount of weight I want to, I can go to one shake a day...

To read my original post, click here!

Tips for Fine Hair

For more, click here!

African-Am​ericans missing profits on wigs, weaves | Florida Courier

Good read... Click here!


Great tip because I am tired of carrying this big ass case of makeup, lol. Click here!


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Essie Fall 2012 Stylenomic​s Collection Swatches

For more info, click here!

African-American Beauty Myths -- Busted!

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Rih-Rih Flaunts Her Raunchy New Tattoo

This tattoo is very cute and unique but isn't she going too far??? Hate to see how she looks when her boobs start sagging, lol.

via Bossip

My Diet

Disclaimer...I am probably going to piss a lot of over weight people off!

Like I said in my previous post, my diet has been crazy. To get back to eating healthier, I made an appointment with a nutrition studio. I want to loose 12 pounds (I gained about 5 pounds in a two month period) because I am 5'2 and I want to get to a good weight I can maintain. I am currently about 137 which isn't a problem weight to most people but when you come from a family where 98% of the people are overweight and have understand why I am doing this :)

I'll give you guys an update tomorrow. Click here to visit the studio's web page. Maybe it is something you guys can consider in your home cities...

Updates: Hair Thicking, Vitamins & Dark Spots

My skin and hair are looking great but its from a combination of things I've posted about. To say I have one of the worst diets of all time, I'm surprised my face stays clear and almost free of dark spots. First, lets start with Lee Stafford. I only use it every two weeks (when I was my hair) but you can feel your hair thicken almost immediately so I think I'm def going to keep that in rotation. Next is the hair, nail and skin vitamins. Typically, when I eat a whole bunch of greasy food and don't drink water, my face is greasy and pimples begin to emerge... But, these skin vitamins have to be helping me because like I said, I've beating eating like a teenager for the last couple of months. Last but not least is the Murad Serum that helps with dark spots. I started to see a change in about 3 weeks but once I'm done with this expensive ass serum..I probably wont purchase anymore. I already use a Murad toner with my daily face washing routine plus I'm drinking more water and taking vitamins. For those who really need it, go for it but my face doesn't need it as much.

P.S.  My former high school classmates are doing big things... Don't forget to check out Sprinkles & Spikes!

Studded Jewelry and Accessorie​s - Martha Stewart

Please don't sleep on DIY here!

OMBRE LIPS Fall Trend How-To

Things Girls Lie About

TOP 7 Makeup Tools Everyone NEEDS!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Comfortable & Stylish Flats

View slideshow here!

Disclaimer: There is no way in hell I would pay this much for a shoe with no heel; however, use this for inspiration. There is almost always a cheaper version!

Guest Blogger: Sprinkles & Spikes

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Gold Cuff $10
Gold Choker $10
Rainbow Chain Bracelet $10

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